Chris Matthews on Suicide Watch, Jim Lehrer on LSM Excrement List

As usual, Barack Obama’s apologists are incapable of accepting the reality that their guy is an unqualified, affirmative-action assisted, thin-skinned empty suit, so they are blaming his pathetic performance in last night’s debate on the moderator. From the Politico story entitled, “Colorado presidential debate: Media piles on moderator Jim Lehrer:”

The loser of Wednesday night’s debate, according to many pundits and political commentators?

Moderator Jim Lehrer.

Lehrer, the executive editor of PBS Newshour, sat behind the desk for the 12th time in the history of televised presidential debates on Wednesday night — and drew some of the most blistering reviews of his career. The consensus: Lehrer did not control the debate, failed to enforce the time limits, did not press the candidates enough and generally was steamrolled by the presidential candidates, Mitt Romney in particular.

I agree with Tom Brokaw, who said “Before the debate, NBC’s Ted Koppel defended Lehrer’s role as debate moderator, telling POLITICO that “the pressing in a debate needs to come from the adversary: It’s up to the candidates to say to one another, ‘I heard Jim’s question and you’re not answering it.’ This is not about whether we want Jim Lehrer to be president.”

Watching the LSM after Romney left Obama lying on the canvas asking “did you get the license number?” was beyond hilarious. They were thunderstruck first, then enraged, except for Chris Matthews, who looked like his dog died and his car had been repossessed.

Here’s a sample of some of their critiques of their former messiah this morning:

Roger Simon, recommending caffeine before the next debate, “President Obama looked like someone had slipped him an Ambien.”

Bill Maher tweeted

Bill, we’ve been telling you this fact for years.

Yes, Obama lost big time, however, let’s not spike the ball yet. There are two more debates to go, and Team Obama will be more prepared next time. He won’t be able to change his failed record, but they will turn up the demagoguery to try to energize their low-information voters before the election. We can’t assume Barack Obama will be as enervated and lame next time. Stay on offense, Mitt, and the next time you go to that summer place in New Hampshire, you’ll have a Secret Service detail in tow.

I hope all the LSM weasels who mocked Chris Christie for saying last Sunday that Mitt would land a knockout are enjoying the crow they’re eating for breakfast.


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