WATCH: Chris Matthews Rips Mother of Dead Benghazi Hero

I guess this speech didn’t give Chris Matthews that thrill up his leg.

This comment about Mrs. Smith by Chris Matthews is right up there with Hillary’s ridiculously arrogant and callous “what difference at this point does it make?” Speaking of that, watch him here, from back in 2013, talk about how that performance should “intelligence, eloquence and charm.” He said she exhibited “compassion and humanity.” Calling Hillary’s performance “a magnificent display of smarts, guts and caring,” he said “she never looked better.” I’m not sure I disagree, but that’s because the performance he praised is cringe-inducing, but at least she wasn’t cackling. See for yourself:

Watching Crooked Hillary trivialize the murder of 4 Americans, who were only in Benghazi so she could go there the following month and be celebrated for her brilliant foreign policy decisions, again, I wonder if it doesn’t make any difference, why do we “need to figure out what happened?” So not only was this remark ludicrous, it was internally inconsistent. It’s not the first time that Hillary has contradicted herself about Benghazi.

Not that Chris Matthews would notice that.

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