Chris Matthews Slobbers on James Carter IV, 3rd Generation Doofus

As several commentators have noted, this product of the obviously outstanding Carter gene pool is not exactly an overachiever. In fact, he makes Sandra Fluke look like a real go-getter. Seriously, if this loser doesn’t look like the second coming of John Hinckley, I don’t know who does. Relax, libs, I’m not saying he’s an assassin wanna be, and I abhor violence, but almost any activity would be something more aspirational than watching YouTube videos looking to gin up faux “controversies” and “scandals.”

He struck “gold” when he unearthed the shocking tape of Mitt Romney at a fundraiser stating the obvious; that is, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you are almost certainly guaranteed the vote of Paul. I think it was former Sen. Phil Graham of Texas who first said that. At least that’s where I think I heard it. Regardless, truer words were never spoken.


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