Christie Episode Exposes Two-Faced Left’s Approach to “Moderate” Republicans, A Smile to Their Faces, A Blade Aimed At Their Backs


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Bridging The Divide Between Left And Right
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Establishment Republicans … take notice!  We are all just getting a taste of what the Left has in store for the GOP for the remainder of this election year. Smear, smear, and then more smears.

I am referring to the Left’s campaign to destroy Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

In the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to state clearly that I am not a supporter of Governor Christie.  The governor is far too liberal for my southern conservative tastes.  Altho, he seems the sort of fellow I’d enjoy having as a friend, I do not agree with his politics.

An astute follower of politics in America could have seen this disaster coming months ago.   Since the day some poll, or other, pronounced Christie the GOP “frontrunner” for the presidential nomination it was a lighted powder keg just waiting for the right moment to explode. See.  This traffic jam fiasco didn’t  happen recently.  It happened way back last fall.

There was no way under the sun that the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party was going to allow Governor Christie to even get close to the nomination unsullied.  It is the way of the Left to utterly destroy any opposition.  The Left maintains a scorched earth policy toward any who do not share their Marxist agenda.  They publicly preach tolerance but have none, whatsoever, for any who disagree and/or refuse to knuckle under to their tyranny.

Governor Christie is now the poster boy for those who cross the Democratic Party.

Now, I’m not defending the dumb deed committed by those around the Governor, I’m just pointing out how quickly the MsM leapt upon it as a means to ravage the Governor.  It was as if they have been waiting, cocked and locked, ready to open fire at the first provocation.  Christie’s people gave it to them — in spades.

Methinks this should be a lesson to all “liberal” and “moderate” republicans.  The Left may be smiling to your face but, believe me, they have a blade aimed directly at your back.

The liberals and moderates who make up the establishment core of the Republican Party should take notice.  Your liberality, your moderation, will not protect you from the fangs of the Left.  They will tear you apart — when it suits their purpose — regardless of your support for their agenda.  As someone has said — in the view of the Left:  “There are no GOOD Republicans.”

Christie is a Republican who supports far too much of the liberal agenda to ever get the vote of conservatives in the presidential election … even if Hillary is the Left’s candidate.  Should Christie become the Republican nominee, Republican “stay at homes” on election day will set a record.  Independents who lean Republican will not vote for Christie, either.

We conservatives have been screaming from the rooftops that liberal Republicans do not get elected as President.  Think back a bit.  Eisenhower was the last “moderate” Republican to be elected and serve two terms in office.

Why?  Well, the liberal Left will not support a liberal Republican under any circumstances.  The conservative Right will not support a liberal Republican under any circumstances.

Just as the political Left seeks their Utopia, the political Right seeks the political center.  Neither exists. 

Establishment Republicans must understand they can never live in any kind of trust with the Left.  The Left is akin to ravenous lions seeking whom they may devour and — having a taste for GOP flesh.  And again, like cats, they prefer to attack from behind.

So far as the Mainstream Media is concerned, there are two entirely separate set of rules for the Left and the Right.  Had the bridge/traffic jam hijinks been committed by one of the Left’s Marxist operators there would not have been a peep in the press.  But — as a Republican administration is involved, it is bigger than all the Obama scandals, including the Benghazi Affair, which claimed the lives of four Americans.  Do you begin to see how the rules are different?

And so it begins — a new year and a new political campaign for President of the United States.  As we said a while back:  “It’s gonna be brutal!”

J. D. Longstreet


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