Citizens of Redlands CA Resisted Refugee Resettlement Last October, Mayor Clueless

Islamist terrorist murderers Syed Rizem Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik lived in a rented townhouse in Redlands, California. Last October, patriotic citizens of that town expressed concern about refugee resettlement in their town.

As usual, the citizens of this country are miles ahead of the elites and many clueless public officials, like the mayor of Redlands.

From Redlands Daily Facts, October 10, 2015:

Some members of Redlands Townhall and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have called on city officials to keep Syrian and African refugees from resettling here.

They asked City Council members Tuesday what their plan will be if the city is asked to resettle some of the 85,000 refugees expected to come to the United States in 2016.

“We are researching the issue and preparing to provide information to the City Council in the near future,” said city spokesman Carl Baker in an email.

As many as 9 million people have been displaced as a result of the civil war in Syria. More than 4 million people have fled the country, according to the United Nations.

Secretary of State John Kerry said last month that the United States will accept 85,000 refugees, up from 70,000, from around the world in 2016 and that the number would rise to 100,000 in 2017.

Many of the refugees would be Syrian and others would be from strife-torn areas of Africa.

“Where will they be housed? How will their expenses be paid and by whom? And what will be done to ensure the safety of our community? Our biggest concern is the safety of our family, our children and our grandchildren,” Victoria Hargrave of Redlands Townhall said the council on Tuesday.

“The Obama administration would like to bring in 85,000 Syrian refugees into our country in the calendar year that just started on Oct. 1 and they have admitted that they have no database or source of information with which to vet these refugees,” she said. “There are primarily Sunni Muslims. Al-Qaida are Sunni Muslims whose culture and ideology are completely contrary to our Constitution.”

Intelligence officials and Republican lawmakers have expressed concerns that Islamic State militants could seek to slip into Europe or the U.S. posing as migrants.

Victoria Hargrave is right on and I’m sure that in the wake of last Wednesday’s horrific Islamist terror attack, she is looking very prescient.

Meanwhile, in that same story, the clueless mayor of that town is quoted. Listen to this idiot:

Mayor Paul Foster said he directed City Manager N. Enrique Martinez to look into the issue. But, he said, it is not the city’s business to tell a parish not to sponsor refugees.

“They certainly would have the right, as they did years ago when we had Laotian and Vietnamese refugees and Cambodian refugees,” Foster said. “Groups all over the country brought refugees in, primarily through faith-based organizations and churches themselves and sponsored them and helped them reestablish their lives in our country.

“I certainly don’t see that as being something local municipal governments should be out there opposing or fighting in any way or telling them what they should be doing.”

I’m sorry, Brainiac, but you couldn’t be more wrong if you name were Mayor Wrong Wrongingham. Dude, don’t you have the slightest clue how this whole refugee thing works? Obviously, you don’t. You need to visit my friend Ann Corcoran’s site, Refugee Resettlement Watch, where she works tirelessly to educate the citizenry on this issue. We were delighted when Ann was a guest on The Teri O’Brien Show last July (listen to the episode here). Let me give you the bottom line, Mr. Mayor. These do gooder groups don’t “sponsor” anyone. They get paid BY THE HEAD by the U.S. State Department to resettle refugees selected by the federal government and the United Nations.

Citizens of Redlands, are you aware that your dolt of a mayor not only has no idea how this refugee scam works, but also thinks he has no obligation to protect your health and safety? Now you are what are you going to do about it. Go here to find a link to a letter you can use to urge Congress not to give Obama the blank check he wants for his “remaking” America by importing refugees, amnesty, and sanctuary cities.


  1. Just like Barbara Boxer lauding about how well California gun control works! Or, Oblamo saying he is investigating whether terrorism is involved.

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