Clinton Email Scandal Update: New Year’s Eve Dump

Clinton Email Scandal: Here They Go Again. Over 8000 pages to be released on New Year’s Eve at 4 pm.

Clinton Email Scandal

Hillary, I think your decades of lies are finally catching up with you. Perhaps you should just leave public life and work on those yoga routines.

The Clinton email scandal drip-drip-continues. As we noted here, on Christmas Eve, the Director of National Intelligence, in a “proactive disclosure,” released 16 pages of Hillary Clinton’s infamous emails from her equally infamous home brew server.

This time, it’s the State Department in response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit. From The Washington Examiner:

State Department officials are set to publish 8,800 pages of Hillary Clinton’s private emails Thursday in what is expected to be the largest batch of such records released to date.

The email release will mark the eighth time the State Department has published a monthly trove of records under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that will force the agency to post all of Clinton’s emails online by the end of January.

Hundreds of emails are expected to be marked fully or partially classified in Thursday’s trove given the fact that all previous email releases have contained at least one classified email.

Here’s the best part of the story:

FBI officials have reportedly found a way to recover some deleted emails off the private server they apprehended in August, although authorities have remained mum on whether those records were personal or work-related.

Clinton swore under penalty of perjury in September that she turned over all work-related communications.

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  1. More blank pages and waste of black ink. Nothing to see here. Hillary swore under oath. Remember Bill swore he never had sex with that woman. Clintons are pure EVIL! Case closed. Clinton Crime Syndicate marches on. Bill lusts for more WH interns.

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