Media Case Study: Is It Good Politics to Use Clinton’s “Sex Life” Against Hillary?

Clinton’s sex life? That’s the question being endlessly posed by the media, but is it the correct question?

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That’s the question being endlessly posed, not only by the usual suspects, the branch offices of the Hillary for President campaign also known as CNN and every over the air network, but also your favorite cable network, which sadly, like all other television outlets is not immune from the malady that afflicts them all, superficiality. Of course, it’s also being raised at otherwise excellent sites like the Washington Examiner, where Politics Editor W. James Antle III asks today, Would running against Bill Clinton’s sex life work? I must give him major propers for his opening paragraph, “You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. And your husband has the right to remain silent.”

That great opening notwithstanding, these wise commentators are all asking the wrong question. They say that the issue of Bill Clinton’s “indiscretions,” which is in itself is a very quaint and charming way to describe conduct that included a credible allegation of forcible rape by Juanita Brodderick, the very distasteful episode in which a sitting governor of a sovereign state dropped his drawers and asked a state employee to “kiss it,” and a sexual liaison with an intern in the Oval Office, has been litigated over and over again. Just so. About that they are correct. Unfortunately for Clinton apologists, that’s not the issue. No one is “running against Bill’s sex life,” no one smart anyway, and certainly not Donald Trump.

The issue isn’t what Bill did. It’s what Hillary, the current candidate for president, who is presenting herself as a champion of women, especially “sexual assault survivors” who “have a right to be believed,” did. It is her history of bullying, intimidating and threatening Bill’s victims that deserves critical examination from the voters. It is this despicable behavior, which thoroughly exposes her as the completely phony, zero-integrity, power-mad politician, that is extremely relevant to her holding the office of President. How can we explain someone, like alleged brilliant analyst Matt Bai seen in the video above (start watching at ~1:58), who claims not to see that blatant and very obvious truth? Someone who claims  that Donald Trump is like P.T. Barnum, coming up with something “outrageous” to say, and someone to “pick on,” which I guess would be Hillary. There are several possibilities. Such a person is (a) very blinded by partisan loyalty (b) very intellectually stunted (c) suffering from a serious case of East Coast Brain Rot, a malady that causes the afflicted to parrot the line of the rest of the bleating media and political class elites or (d) pretending he doesn’t see the obvious to attempt to deceive the low-information people foolish enough to get their information from pretend “news” outlets like ABC.

Here we have a case study of how the Lame Stream Media attempts to drive the narrative in a direction completely at war with common sense. Normal, clear-thinking citizens understand that Hillary’s role leading the charge against Bill’s “bimbo eruptions” (Where have you gone, Betsy Wright?) is at issue. The media attempt to feed them the usual “nothing to see here,” “old news,” people don’t care about Bill’s sex life, blah blah blah. The low-information crowd lacking the information, and frankly the confidence, to challenge supposedly knowledgeable “experts” like Mr. Bai, which includes a large percentage of millennials, is easily swayed by this BS. (Not coincidentally, many of these ignorant backward children get their “news” from Yahoo News, which employs Mr. Bai.) I must ask Mr. Bai, Sir, do you really think enabling Hillary’s escaping these very legitimate questions about her anti-woman behavior enhances your reputation as a “journalist?”

So, this latest example of the media distorting reality to set the terms of the debate is not unusual. What may be unusual this time is that in the person of Donald J. Trump we may have someone who is unwilling to be intimidated and will actually say that the Emperor has no clothes (and I’m not referring to Bill in that hotel room with Paula Jones). His act of stating the common sense truth will give others the confidence to also say so, and in that we may see Hillary held to account for her actions and her stunning hypocrisy.

One man and the truth is a majority.

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