Clinton VP Candidate Wants More Syrian Refugees in US

Even though as we have noted frequently here, our government admits we can’t vet Syrian refugees.


Of course, this view is in line with Hillary’s. Recall that she wants at least 65,000.

From The Washington Examiner:

A Navy admiral Hillary Rodham Clinton is vetting to be her running mate has been advocating for Washington to let in more Syrian refugees and has dismissed concerns raised by the FBI that the vetting of the mostly Muslim population is inadequate.

James G. Stavridis, a retired four-star Navy admiral who served as the 16th supreme allied commander at NATO, this month penned a column with former CIA Director Michael Hayden promoting the resettlement of the refugees and condemning those like Donald Trump who would ban Muslims.

In the Miami Herald, they wrote:

The United States has taken in only a few thousand Syrian refugees, a miniscule fraction of those who need protection. The war in Syria has forced some five million people to flee.

Thousands have died trying to find safety and millions are struggling to survive. These alleged national security threats are, in fact, innocent victims of the Assad government and ISIS. Most are women and children.

They also defended the much-maligned vetting process of the refugees, writing:

Those who portray refugee resettlement as a threat to national security, some have presented a fictional depiction of the vetting system. Officials who actually screen refugees before they are resettled know that we can both welcome refugees and safeguard national security.

That, of course, is patently false. Even if these “refugees” are able to produce passports or other paperwork, we know that there is a thriving market in phony documents among these migrants. Even Angela Merkel, the most enthusiastic proponent of promoting this invasion of the West, admits that terrorist organizations have used this “crisis” to get their members into her country.

And these guys apparently haven’t heard about the other risk posed by these “refugees,” the re-emergence in the United States and Western Europe of diseases that we had previously eradicated, like TB. More about that here and here.

The colonization from within is a YUGE issue in the upcoming election. Anything  but an affirmative vote for the Republican ticket is a vote for more of this dangerous and destructive policy. It’s a no brainer, People.


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