CNN GOP Debate: Winners and Losers, Part I

CNN GOP Debate was a borefest, but I watch so you don’t have to.

Is Jeb Bush coming off way too much like Jan Brady?

As you know, I watch so you don’t have to, and that includes last night’s interminably long GOP Debate on CNN. Is it possible that CNN, where you would be hard pressed to find anyone who will vote for the GOP nominee, designed this thing to be a borefest on purpose? Why else would they include people like pathetic RINO John Kasich on the stage? The media was hoping for a cage match between Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but instead they got a bit of a love fest. The battle was between Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio. I was delighted to see the latter busted on his support for amnesty. Impotent Jeb Bush tried to challenge Donald Trump and failed.

In case you didn’t it (which you almost certainly didn’t), here’s what you missed:

Jeb Bush (Loser)

Clearly his donors told him that he had better take out Donald Trump STAT, so he tried going after him, ironically saying “”Donald, you are not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency,’ then insulting Trump by calling him the “chaos candidate.” It wasn’t a good look, and it didn’t work, but I predict the media, including Fox News, which has been in the tank for Bush for months, will say otherwise. Watch for “it’s a new race today.” Wrong. Lately he’s been coming off a lot like Jan Brady; that is, instead of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” it’s Trump, Trump, Trump. Please let this be his last debate.

Donald Trump (Winner)

He held his own, sticking to his front runner script, presenting himself as a hard-driving, unapologetic high-achiever who can “make America great,” and safe, without providing a lot of details. When he made nice with Sen. Ted Cruz, saying “his temperament is just fine,” after calling him a “maniac” over the weekend, I laughed out loud thinking about the Establishment GOP’s heads exploding.

John Kasich (Loser)

There is absolutely no reason for this pathetic RINO to be on the stage. Governor, what is with the chopping hands? You remind me of the most boring, pontificating gasbag professors I had in college. When he said “We’ll never get there if Republicans and Democrats fight with each other … before all of that, we’re Americans, and I believe we need to unify in many ways to strengthen the country,” I thought I would hurl. Please go back to Ohio, which to hear you talk is a paradise thanks to your brilliant stewardship.

Ted Cruz (Winner)

As usual, he was passionate in clearly and concisely stating a constitutional conservative position. It was funny when he busted Rubio on immigration, concluding by saying that he would build the wall, and get Donald Trump to pay for it.

Marco Rubio (Held His Own)

As you know, my problem with Marco is that we can’t trust him on the issue of immigration, which has become the existential issue of our times. (Stay tuned for more on that here.) He is a good debater, but he made clear last night that he hasn’t changed his views on this critical matter. He’s the same guy that made a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer. He is the go-to choice for the Chamber of Commerce donor class if (when) Bush drops out.

Carly Fiorina (Loser)

I like Carly, but I was disappointed to hear her play the gender card. She came off as stern and a little angry. She is articulate and intelligent, but I don’t think she has a chance of being elected president in 2016.

Chris Christie (Held His Own)

Once Jeb Bush faces the inevitable and drops out, if Marco Rubio can’t make it happen, the Establishment will turn to Gov. Christie. I guess his man crush with Barack Obama can be declared officially over since he called him, I think accurately, a “feckless weakling.” The current climate, created by the completely wrong-headed Obama policies, in which we are sitting ducks for Islamists headchopping lunatics, plays to his strengths, but unless Rubio bites it, he won’t be the nominee.

I will probably have more to say about this debate later today. Right now, the canine intern is telling me it’s time for her breakfast. Stay tuned.


  1. tried to sign in with facebook, notice said my ”pop-up” was too small.
    love your analysis; all i could think of during the debate was: what’s on youtube ?

  2. I agree with your comments, as I too, watched the “show”. CNN hosts were blah. One note I picked in following up after debate comments was this:
    Team Cruz sat down with Latino Republicans to explain their position on immigration. If you like Cruz, you’ll like him more after this. No pandering.
    Cruz’s campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, and other staff attended a closed-door meeting with Latino Republican leaders and said unequivocally that Cruz opposes any form of legalization for immigrants already in the U.S. without legal permission, said Alfonso Aguilar, director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who has been a spokesman for the group that met in Las Vegas.
    “They stated very clearly the senator believes in ‘attrition through enforcement,’” Aguilar said Monday. He added that, based on the explanation, Cruz is backing self deportation but calling it by another name.
    “For all intents and purposes (self deportation) describes what they are proposing,” said Aguilar.
    Trump/Cruz 2016 to counter Clinton/Aguilar from the broke DNC?

    • In a follow-up to a Frank Luntz focus group, one of the comments was:
      K Dale says:

      I watched the debates from beginning to close …. I believe that Mr. Donald Trump was the winner as he appeared to roll over everyone else like a steam roller …..

      Yes; Mr. Ted Cruz did very well …. I wouldn’t mind seeing a TRUMP-CRUZ Ticket in the elections.

      Mr. Carson did fairly good .. but he has doesn’t sound authoritarian enough to be a Commander In Chief / President .

      The rest; I do not give any credence to any of the others .. especially Mr. Chris Christie … as I am an animal rights supporter and he has allowed this heinous bear hunt /slaughter/massacre , even cubs and their mothers in New Jersey ….

      • I’ve got a lot of issues with Christie also, and I don’t think he has a chance. He’s the Establishment’s understudy for Rubio, who is the understudy for Jeb. Ben Carson is a great guy by all accounts, but I think he’s undoing is lack of knowledge about foreign policy. In this day and age, that’s a fatal flaw. He’ll make a fine Surgeon General, though, unlike the clown who holds that office now.

  3. He really needs to drop out. Soon I think his donors will take him aside and have a talk with him. It can’t happen soon enough. You’ve seen my “Dear Jeb” video, right? It’s here:

  4. No doubt Jeb’s head, and more important, those of his donors, did explode, and it’s now only a matter of time until he takes my advice and drops out. I agree with you about Santorum, and yes, Trump, oh my. When he embraced Sen. Cruz and said he was committed to run as Republican, he had everyone eating out of his hand!

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