CNN GOP Debate, Winners and Losers, Part II

GOP Debate, Winners and Losers, Part II

I thought I was the only one who noticed John “Judo Chop” Kasich’s bizarre hand moves. What’s up with that, Governor?

Yes, I know that all of you are gearing up for tomorrow evening’s big Democrat debate (NOT!), so you’ve probably moved on from Tuesday evening’s GOP debate. I may not even watch the dem debate tomorrow night, and you know that my motto is “I watch so you don’t have to.”

Just to have closure on the last GOP debate of the year, as promised, here’s Part II of my analysis, including participants from both the Kids’ Table and the Main Stage. Part I is here.

Rick Santorum

He had the best line of the night: “Not all Muslims are jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims.”

Mike Huckabee

This line was also pretty good:”You know what I think we oughta tell young people, ‘We aren’t gonna give you anything! We’re gonna give you the opportunity to get off your butt and go serve your country and secure your freedom because if you don’t, nobody else is.'” We won’t be hearing that from Hillary Clinton!

Ben Carson

After this debate, I think the Carson campaign is on death watch, largely because of today’s emphasis on his weak point, foreign policy.

Rand Paul

Stick a fork in his campaign, too, and for the same reason as Carson; that is, he is perceived as weak on foreign policy. His isolationism and obsession with not collecting data that would help us apprehend terrorists are very problematic for his campaign. Also, in the wake of the Ferguson, MO riots last year, he came out against ” militarization” of local police, something that the San Bernardino massacre proved is an essential part of law enforcement today.

None of the candidates at the Kids’ Table has the slightest chance of becoming the GOP nominee, and they probably should face reality and end their campaigns. The next GOP debate is January 14. Let’s hope the field has narrowed to the top 4, which does NOT include pathetic RINO John Kasich, and should not include poor Jeb Bush, who by this writing may have discovered that his head has exploded.


  1. The parties over. Enough said. Good night. And thanks for the info, I missed the wild card.

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