Colorado Shooter was Recluse Recent Arrival Who Liked to Smoke Dope

Why do you think they call it dope? He said preferred to be left alone. Somehow I don’t think that was a problem.

So, the guy who allegedly killed 3 people in Colorado Springs on Friday, This guy

Robert Dear, alleged to have killed 3 in Colorado Springs

Robert Dear, alleged to have killed 3 in Colorado Springs.

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used to be a normal, married family man living with his wife and son in South Carolina. Then he got divorced, and moved into these interesting digs. Sure, there was no running water, but I’m sure that was part of the charm!


The Liberal Death Star (aka The New York Times) reports paints a portrayal of a guy who went from a  typical taciturn, sometimes crabby husband and father, to a one-time domestic abuser, to a full-blown wackjob, moving from trailer to trailer and becoming nuttier in the process, who actually gave a neighbor–wait for it–anti-Obama pamphlets!

Speaking of Obama, reminding us again why we considered ourselves lucky to be led by a person of his brilliance and insight, he said  “This is not normal.” You see what I mean? We’re not worthy, Dear Reader, B. Hussein Obama! Praise be his name!


Naturally, Obama, and his fellow 2nd Amendment haters took advantage of another opportunity to bash your right to keep and bear arms. Barry, don’t you ever get sick of singing this tired old song? Oh wait. He never says anything about the shootings that occur like clockwork every weekend in Chicago. I guess you can see why he doesn’t want to mention gun control and Chicago in the same breath, given that that city’s gun laws are a basic leftist, anti-freedom wish list, which hasn’t exactly turned it into a peaceful utopia. Well, to be fair, it depends how you define “peaceful utopia.” If you define it as the sort of place where dodging bullets is a form of high-intensity cardio, then Chicago totally fits the definition.

Eventually, Mr. Dear moved to Colorado, where marijuana is legal. Apparently, he came to the right place because, at least according to media reports, he loved to get high, even before he moved there. We’re seeing a lot of unintentionally hilarious handwringing by Lame Stream Media types, almost whispering their anguished worries about whether women feel safe going to Planned Parenthood when there are right-wing nut jobs roaming the streets with lethal weapons, and wondering what we’re going to do about all the “overheated rhetoric” about abortion. We’re hearing very little about the marijuana, which I think is a big mistake. If someone is what we used to call “tetched,” do we really think giving him access to legal marijuana is going to be helpful? Leftists will lecture anyone who will listen incessantly about their respect for “science.” Haven’t they seen the scientific evidence about the negative effects of marijuana on the brain? Here’s a reminder.


I’ve got news for you, Barry and your leftist friends. My 2nd Amendment rights are not subject to cancellation because some dope-loving lunatic goes one toke over the line and decides to commit violent felonies. Nor are my 1st amendment rights ready for the shredder because leftists don’t like “extreme rhetoric,” “hate speech” or being “swift boated,” in other words, people telling the truth, criticizing them and otherwise saying things that they don’t like. As I am fond of saying, truth is the new hate speech.











  1. As I watched from my chair 15 miles away in Colorado Springs, a madman shot up the area around the PP clinic. The site is next door to one of my specialists. PP was open during the holiday weekend so it would not miss out on aborting more victims who have no rights per the Liberals and Lame Stream Media. Late term and born alive is ok with our POTUS and the Minority Speaker. A probably certifiable loon was on a rampage. He babbles and the MSM uses his ramblings to promote more genocide, blacks, whites , and others they can seduce with their “Woman’s Rights” mantra is ok. It’s too bad the swat team didn’t take a head shot and save us millions we do not have to try and incarcerate this rabid animal.

  2. That’s interesting. It would be ironic if there was less cash in the bank because the owners of legal dope stores can’t deposit their cash there because of federal banking law restrictions.

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