Comey Lies From The Corrupt Media: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-14-2017


The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show,

FBI Director James Comey firing leaves many supporters of Democrats extremely confused, as they spin and outright lie for cynical political reasons. The truth is VERY different from what you are hearing.

Please check out this video about James Comey’s epic fail during one of his recent Congressional appearances, in which he refused to commit to investigate the only actual felony in the whole “Russian collusion” phony issue, the unmasking of an American citizen, Gen. Flynn, and also wouldn’t say whether he had told Barack Obama about his investigation of Team Trump.

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Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. 


In this episode:

  • The Truth About James Comey’s Tenure at the FBI: He has A LOT of ‘splaining to do!
  • Insane Maxine Waters (D-Crazyfornia) leaves MS-NBC anchor even more confused than normal
  • Extreme partisan/law professor Lawrence Tribe calls for President Trump’s Impeachment
  • Why “Special Prosecutor” is just another phrase for “Criminalizing Political Differences”
  • The media’s disinformation: Here are 4 examples of lies that the corrupt media is telling you about the Comey Firing
  • No, Liberals, Comey’s Firing is NOTHING like the infamous Watergate Saturday Night Massacre
  • Who is your favorite movie mom?
  • FLASHBACK to 2008: Original SNL Comedian States The Obvious: The Show is Leftist Propaganda
  • Say it Ain’t So! Wacko Website Everyday Feminism might be kaput?

Links from the Show

Comey Firing

10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch :: Grabien News (The many times that the FBI dropped the ball and Americans were killed as a result)

FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal, lawmaker says | Fox News

Democrats see ‘Nixonian’ cover-up in Trump’s move to fire James Comey

Trump says he did not ask Comey for his loyalty

Harvard Constitutional Scholar Calls For Trump Impeachment Probe | HuffPost

Annotated letter: The Trump administration’s case for firing FBI Director James Comey – LA Times (It’s only 3 pages and worth reading)

Stories the news media got wrong about Donald Trump, James Comey and Russia | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

Remaking America Pile

Driver in DUI California crash has been deported 15 times | Daily Mail Online (Most recently January 10, but he came back 10 days later, just in time for the inauguration, and just in time to drive drunk and seriously injure a 6 year old returning with his mom and dad from a visit to Disneyland)

Everyday Feminism in Trouble

Everyday Feminism Admits No One Cares It May Shut Down | The Daily Caller (Gee, I can’t imagine why this site isn’t a raging success!)


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