Preview of Coming Attractions in US? German Cops Tell Women How To Avoid Refugee Rape

The refugee hits in the age of Obama keep on coming. Yesterday, the Obama Regime announced that it raised the refugee target for 2017 to “at least 110,000.”

From The Washington Post:

The Obama administration will seek to accept 110,000 refugees from around the world in fiscal 2017, officials announced Wednesday.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry briefed lawmakers Tuesday on the new goal, which is an increase from 85,000 in fiscal 2016 and 70,000 in the previous three years. It represents a 57 percent increase in refugee arrivals since 2015, as ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere have spurred an exodus of migrants seeking asylum in Europe, Canada and other regions.

From CNN:

Secretary of State John Kerry briefed Congress on Tuesday about the administration’s decision and has stated over the past year that the United States would seek to welcome 100,000 refugees in 2017 — and if possible, would accept more. (emphasis mine)
The increase — from 70,000 during 2013-2015 to 85,000 in 2016 to the plan of 110,000 in 2017 — is more than a 57% increase in refugee arrivals since 2015 and consistent with the administration’s belief that all countries should do more to help vulnerable people.
The United States’ refugee policy has been a top campaign issue in the 2016 election. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made waves last December when he proposed a temporary ban on all Muslims immigrating to the United States.
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has said that she would like to see the number of Syrian refugees accepted into the United States increase from the Obama administration’s goal of 10,000 a year to 65,000 refugees.
I guess we never thought that Hillary’s plan for 65,000 more would look good, did we?
Keep in mind that this proposal comes on the same day that Germany arrested three suspected ISIS operatives who entered that country as “refugees.”  The Guardian story cited mentions that they “appear to have been brought into the country by the same network that smuggled militants into France to carry out deadly attacks last November.”
So it’s clear that the refugee thing is working out really well in Germany, so it’s no wonder that Barack Obama wants to replicate that success here. Actually, as you know, this whole “refugee” and “asylum” scheme is part of the Democrats’ master plan to change our country’s demographics to turn the whole country into California or Cook County; that is, to dramatically improve the political fortunes of democrats for generations. In other words, to destroy America. It’s a cynical ploy that demonstrates what these cockroaches are all about: gaining power at the expense of the safety and security of you and your family.
Back to Germany, where one way that the “refugees” have enriched that country with their contributions to its “diversity” is through sexual assault. And how have the authorities there decided to handle this problem? By rounding up these dirtbags and shipping them back to their Middle Eastern hellholes? Not exactly.
As World Net Daily reports, they advise women to wear sneakers so that they can run away. I suggest you read the whole story to get an idea of the sort of surrender to these Islamists that Europe has begun. Is that really what we want to do here?
In other refugee related news, check out these stories:
Feds to Spend $4.6 Million to Give ‘Emotional Wellness’ to Refugees (“The Obama administration plans to spend $4.6 million next year on health promotion and “emotional wellness” for refugees as President Obama plans a 30 percent increase in the number of refugees admitted into the country.”)
Iraqi Refugee Diagnosed With Active TB in Oakland County, Michigan (“An Iraqi refugee who arrived in Oakland County, Michigan in June 2015 was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) in March of this year, a spokesperson for the Oakland County Health and Human Services Department (OCHD) tells Breitbart News.”) How many of your friends, neighbors and co-workers know that there are people walking around in stores, schools and other places with TB? Did you?
We have been reporting extensively on the issue of refugee resettlement here (including the importation of TB and other diseases that we had eradicated decades ago in this country, and the crimes committed by refugees) and on The Teri O’Brien Show for the last two years. Check out these stories in our archive. I think you will find them interesting. Trust me. You ARE NOT hearing about these events on the pretend news.


  1. Any number that this administration throws out in regards to the number of so called refugees that they intend import into this country is what they consider politically palatable at the moment and should be considered a “floor” and not a “ceiling”. Whatever the number they make public it is a virtual certainty that it will be exceeded (most likely by a significant margin) once the total is tallied up. The fundamental transformation of this country is proceeding ahead at full breakneck speed, torpedoes be damned.

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