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Play nice, Kids!

Some of the visitors to my Facebook walls have wondered why I tolerate what they consider personal insults and other rude remarks from commenters. The answer is simple. I consider Facebook like Speaker’s Corner, an open, semi-public space, where the “sticks and stones” rule should apply. This space is different. This is my blog, and the rules are a little different. I believe good manners are the glue that holds society together, I encourage all posters to be polite. We love lively debate, by which I mean a debate about issues and ideas. If you insist on engaging in

  • Personal attacks against other posters
  • Angry ad hominem arguments
  • Potty-mouth verbiage (seriously? You eat with that mouth?)
  • Self-promotion and spam-like linking
  • Threats of, or the promotion of, violence or any illegal activity

your comments will not appear here. Comment moderation is in my sole discretion.

Also, please keep in mind that I often write in haste, and sadly, sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with my brain. When typos, grammatical errors, factual errors and other mistakes are brought to my attention, I make ever effort to correct them. I appreciate your help calling these things to my attention.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation.

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