This Headline Says It All: Commie Pope and His Proposed Commie Saint Dorothy Day, But What Are They Leaving Out?


Who is Dorothy Day, the woman praised by Pope Francis during his speech to a joint meeting of Congress yesterday?

From the Daily Mail:

“A divorced Fidel Castro fan who had a string of affairs, an abortion and spoke up for Ho Chi Minh”

She was a committed Communist turned Catholic newspaper editor and, if moves to have her canonized prove successful, Dorothy Day is in line to become a very modern American saint.
Whether that happens or not, there’s no denying that Day, who died in 1980, is held in high regard by the Catholic Church – and Pope Francis himself.
Today, in a speech made to Congress on Capitol Hill, the pontiff mentioned her in the same breath as Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, before going on to hail her achievements.

One interesting aspect of Dorothy Day’s life, mentioned in the Daily Mail article:

Living in Greenwich Village, Day became ‘close’ to playwright Eugene O’Neill and embarked on a passionate affair with Jewish writer Itzok Isaac Granich who wrote under the pseudonym of Mike Gold.
Granich, who later became a prominent Communist, was the first of several affairs, including one with reporter Lionel Moise.
During the affair, Day became pregnant and was, as she later put it, ‘bullied’ into having an abortion – something that she bitterly regretted.

Wait-she regretted an abortion? I thought that was just a medical procedure to solve a health problem. What’s to regret, Barack? Nancy? Joe Biden? Hillary?



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