Once a “Community Organizer” Always a Community Organizer: Lies, Class Warfare and Finger Pointing from Obama on Worst Economy Since Great Depression

(Note: I will address the “phony scandals” in a separate post.)

The brilliant Thomas Sowell has said that Barack Obama is the master of the “plausible lie,” and yesterday during his 10,000th “pivot” to the economy, the One put on a clinic on just that.

There are only three groups of people who could witness this insufferable gasbag blather on for over an hour without either laughing uncontrollably or screaming “Mommy, make it stop!!”; specifically, (1) those who realized that, lacking any substantive arguments to make the case for the terrific job he’s done revitalizing our economy, he was going to drone on incessantly and started thinking about what they had to do after they were mercifully released (2) those familiar with Obama’s “gift” to say, or I should say read, the most implausible things with a straight face, sitting in shock as they watch him actually perform this act or (3) clueless children so blissfully ignorant that they have no idea that they are being played, being fed more Whoppers than Burger King has sold in the last 5 years.

For example:

And so what happened was that the link between higher productivity and people’s wages and salaries was broken.  It used to be that, as companies did better, as profits went higher, workers also got a better deal.  And that started changing.  So the income of the top 1 percent nearly quadrupled from 1979 to 2007, but the typical family’s incomes barely budged.

More class envy, which is the enemy of economic growth and which also happens to be Obama’s religion. Does anything in that paragraph explain why we have had economic levels of economic growth for 5 years? No.

And towards the end of those three decades, a housing bubble, credit cards, a churning financial sector was keeping the economy artificially juiced up, so sometimes it papered over some of these long-term trends.  But by the time I took office in 2009 as your President, we all know the bubble had burst, and it cost millions of Americans their jobs, and their homes, and their savings.

You mean the housing bubble fueled by government policies demanded by “community organizers” like you stoking the fires of racial entitlement to force banks to give mortgages to people who had no business getting them in the interest of “fairness?” 2009? Weren’t you in the Senate in 2005 when the democrat party was instituting these policies? It’s a rhetorical question, Ace. You were.

Together, we saved the auto industry; took on a broken health care system.

The auto bailout was a favor to your union buddies, who got a windfall while bond holders got screwed. And the stock price of GM shares is still way below what it needs to be for tax payers to be made whole. Nice try.

We invested in new American technologies to reverse our addiction to foreign oil.

Increases in oil production happened on private land. You went as far as defying a federal judge to prevent offshore drilling in Louisiana. Then there’s that Keystone pipeline thing …

But — and here’s the big “but” —

Oh, I didn’t know Moochelle was with you.

The average American earns less than he or she did in 1999.  And companies continue to hold back on hiring those who’ve been out of work for some time.

Of course they’re holding back from hiring BECAUSE OF YOUR POLICIES. Can you say “Obamacare?”

Today, more students are earning their degree, but soaring costs saddle them with unsustainable debt.

Which will soar even more if the federal government continues to subsidize the ridiculous salaries and benefits for your buddies in the academic mafia. Remind me, how much is Janet Napolitano going to earn when she goes to head the University of California system, a job that she’s obviously qualified for-NOT? Oh yes, it’s over $500,000.

So in many ways, the trends that I spoke about here in 2005 — eight years ago — the trend of a winner-take-all economy where a few are doing better and better and better, while everybody else just treads water — those trends have been made worse by the recession.

No, they have been worse by your policies, based on class envy, which is what this sentence is promoting. God, you have got to get some new writers. How many decades are democrats going to try to pick at the rotting corpse of Karl Marx?

This growing inequality not just of result, inequality of opportunity — this growing inequality is not just morally wrong, it’s bad economics. Because when middle-class families have less to spend, guess what, businesses have fewer consumers. When wealth concentrates at the very top, it can inflate unstable bubbles that threaten the economy. When the rungs on the ladder of opportunity grow farther and farther apart, it undermines the very essence of America — that idea that if you work hard you can make it here.

And that’s why reversing these trends has to be Washington’s highest priority.

What was I saying about new writers? Ironically, Washington D.C. is the one place where no one is suffering in this rotten economy because Obama and friends have seen to that by massively growing the federal government.

Then, rather than reduce our deficits with a scalpel — by cutting out programs we don’t need, fixing ones that we do need that maybe are in need of reform, making government more efficient — instead of doing that, we’ve got folks who’ve insisted on leaving in place a meat cleaver called the sequester that’s cost jobs.

Unbelievable. The sequester was HIS idea! Are you starting to see what Thomas Sowell was talking about?

For example, they worked together on an immigration bill that economists say will boost our economy by more than a trillion dollars, strengthen border security, make the system work.

But you’ve got a faction of Republicans in the House who won’t even give that bill a vote.

How exactly will giving amnesty to 11 million low-skilled people raise wages for Americans? It won’t. Even the CBO says the Senate amnesty would depress wages for TWELVE YEARS.

Now, I know there are folks out there who are actively working to make this law fail.

That would be his signature “train wreck,” Obamacare. You mean like the unions who wrote a letter to democrat leaders in Congress saying “you’ve got a problem and you need to fix it” when they realized that your brilliant “achievement” was resulting in people who had full-time jobs having their hours cut to part time? Genius.

I have now run my last campaign.  I do not intend to wait until the next campaign or the next President before tackling the issues that matter.  I care about one thing and one thing only, and that’s how to use every minute — (applause) — the only thing I care about is how to use every minute of the remaining 1,276 days of my term — (laughter) — to make this country work for working Americans again.  (Applause.)  That’s all I care about.  I don’t have another election.

Wrong. The campaign never ends, and you do have one more election, in November 2014, the election that will decide whether you are able to deliver the death blow to our country that you’ve been scheming since you were attending those socialist conferences when you were a student at Columbia.

The reason they were laughing is because they realize how ridiculous it is for a man who spends so much time playing golf and taking his repellant wife on luxurious vacations to tell the peasants that all he cares about is them.


  1. What was the unemployment rate back in say, 2005? The economic mess aside, are you a fan of class warfare?

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