Confuse, Distract and Obfuscate: Obama Administration Sends Jack Lew Out to Sunday Shows Do a Susan Rice

As we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, Treasury Sec. Jack Lew appeared on several Sunday shows, which I watch so you don’t have to, and repeated two discredited talking points about the IRS targeting of American citizens. We aren’t sure if this outrageous abuse of the most feared federal agency is one of the “phony scandals” that Barack Obama has been bleating about for nearly a week, but it seems doubtful, since it’s only been two months since he vowed to “get to the bottom of it.” He even delegated responsibility for the task to Mr. Lew.

Yesterday, Mr. Lew resuscitated two debunked Obama talking points about the IRS scandal; specifically, (1) that the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups was conceived and carried out by a few “career people” and not directed from Washington, D.C. and (2) that the IRS was an equal opportunity targeter, in that they also went after “progressive” groups. Both of these fairy tales are false, as testimony before Rep. Darryl Issa’s (R-CA) House Oversight Committee, Rep. Dave Camp’s (R-MI) Ways and Means Committee and the audit from J. Russell George, the “TIGTA” (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration), have proven.

If you heard the show, you heard Chris Wallace, as thunderstruck as any reasonable listener would be, ask Mr. Lew if he had ever asked IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins, one of only two political appointees at the IRS, about the testimony of Carter Hull. Mr. Hull is an IRS attorney retiring after 48 years with the Service, and he testified that Obama appointee Mr. Wilkins, who represented Rev. Jeremiah Wright when he jeopardized his church’s tax-exempt status by inviting Sen. Barack Obama to give a political speech, was one of his supervisors who wanted to review some of the Tea Party applications. Remember, Barack Obama said he putting Mr. Lew in charge of making sure that someone was accountable for behavior that he himself considered unacceptable. And Mr. Lew doesn’t even ask Mr. Wilkins about Mr. Hull’s  bombshell testimony?

So why would Mr. Lew put on this lame performance? Clearly this a political calculation by this bunch. Everything they do is about consolidating and increasing their power with zero concern for doing what is beneficial for our country. Much like Susan Rice’s performance last year six weeks before the presidential election, designed to paper over the Obama administration’s incompetence and the subsequent cover up of the Benghazi debacle, this routine is designed to confuse people, especially the low-information types that are the primary consumers of Obama baloney.

We still don’t know what Lois Lerner is doing on her paid summer vacation. Does she have any government property while she’s at home? How long are we going to continue to pay her to stay at home? If she did “nothing wrong,” why did she take the 5th?

Perhaps this week we will learn which of the many Obama scandals are the “phony” ones. Benghazi, in which 4 Americans were murdered? “Fast and Furious,” in which at least one American agent, Brian Terry, was killed, and about which Eric “You Are a Race Coward” Holder continues to stonewall?

Stay tuned.

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