Congratulations, Mr. Trump! Has Cher Boarded the Spaceship Yet?

I told you on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show that Cher had threatened to leave the planet if Donald Trump won the election.

Wait-It’s a Cookbook!

I suspect that is just another one of those empty celebrity threats they make whenever a Republican wins an election. If they had made good on all of those, Hollywood would be in Toronto now.

What can I say? You know how you feel when you feel in your bones that something really good is going to happen, and you work for it, and wait for it, and watch it actually happen? That’s how I feel.

Yesterday I predicted a Trump victory, with him winning Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Never doubt me.

America showed up. Clearly the people, us “deplorables” got our irredeemable selves to the polls, clearly recognizing that this was our last chance to stop the elitists from completing Obama’s “remaking” (read “destroying”) of our country.

I am very very happy this morning. I need some time to digest this victory.

God bless America.


  1. I wonder if anyone has ever bothered to compile a list of all the so called celebrities that have threatened to leave the country if a certain candidate wins. As far as I can tell not a single one has ever followed through on their threat. I suspect that it won’t be any different this time. All talk with no action.

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