Connecting The Obvious, and Apparently Unmentionable , Dots: Rare Virus Shows Up at Same Time as Iilegal Invasiom

From The WaPo:

The rare and severe respiratory illness sickening children around the country has expanded to new states, and health officials believe there could also be unconfirmed cases in other places.

These children — and it has only affected children so far, for reasons we explain here — are suffering from enterovirus 68, an uncommon virus strain that can cause severe breathing problems.

Alabama and New York are among the newest states with confirmed cases of the virus. The Alabama Department of Public Health confirmed Monday that four of six specimens from Mobile County positive for the virus. That follows the New York State Department of Health’s confirmation Friday that more than a dozen children in two parts of the state have enterovirus 68.

Coincidence right after arrival of thousands of “unaccompanied illegal minors?” What say you?


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