Constitutional Lawyer and Culture Warrior Matthew Barber: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 011

Dangerous Thinkers

Key Points

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian pastor, who rejected sexual immorality, including homosexuality
  • In 1958, Dr. King advised a young man who asked him about his homosexual feelings that he could deal with this “problem”
  • In 2005, MLK Jr’s daughter said while campaigning for Prop 8, which 70% of African-Americans voted for, that her father didn’t take a bullet for same-sex marriage
  • Cultural Marxists need to “redefine” marriage, which means first they have to destroy it
  • Any culture that embraces sexual license, especially homosexuality, is not long for the world

Links and Resources

Matt Barber, Author at

Why MLK Would Have Opposed ‘Gay Marriage’ – Matt Barber

The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled »


This is the handbook that militant homosexual activists, using the Alinskyite tactics it sets out, have normalized homosexuality.

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