Cooking the Books on Job Numbers? Show Notes, 10/7/12

Note to Obama Apologists: He Didn’t Go on Offense Because He Can’t | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (The reason Barack Obama got his ass handed to him last week in front of ~70 million viewers and didn’t bring his game is that he doesn’t have one.)

The Critiquelator returned, and was ON FIRE about B. Hussein’s pathetic debate performance

Right on Cue: “Unemployment Drops Below 8%” Headlines | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (my post from last Friday, which contains information from ( and the link to) the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, none of which you heard on the LSM reports.

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Dishonest Unemployment Numbers (it’s difficult to believe the job numbers that were released by the BLS (or the BBS) last  Friday are real when you read this analysis, comparing numbers from 2004.)

Marathon Pundit: (Video) Obama thug Cutter admits campaign is lying about Romney’s plan for $5 trillion tax cut

Capitalism++: An Inconceivable Truth: 53.9% Real U.S. Labor Participation Rate (I couldn’t find the article to which our caller Chicago Rob referred, but I think that this article makes the same point)

From our guest Jeremy Segal aka Rebel Pundit of

Flashback (mentioned by Rebel Pundit): McCain’s Best Debate, but Obama Still Won – ABC News

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Bill Maher All Out of Joint Over Obama’s Debate Performance

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