Three Things Corrupt Media’s Latest “Bombshell” Really Tells Us

Three things that the last century media’s latest “bombshell” really tells us, Hillary’s “Open Borders” “Dream” exposed.

The last-century media’s latest “bombshell,“crude locker room remarks that Donald Trump made 11 years ago while appearing on an entertainment show are very revealing, but not in the way that many people think. Specifically, if it comes as a shock to you that Donald Trump said crude things about sex and women in the 1990’s, you should have been listening to Howard Stern’s show or watching the media coverage of the real estate mogul over the last 30 years. News flash: this guy was the subject of a famous, or infamous, New York Post headline: “Best Sex Ever!” I wonder how much he had to pay them to write that….
In addition, another news flash: when men are hanging out in their man caves or out on the links, they sometimes say things they wouldn’t want to have recorded and replayed at their Aunt Tilly’s next garden party gathering, or the PTA meeting. Not all men speak this way. I acknowledge that some don’t ever utter these “abhorrent” “reprehensible” and “offensive” words. Most do. Live with it.

Ever hear the expression “guy code?” News flash: that’s what it means. Oh you don’t think so? I direct your attention here and here for examples of democrat party icons doing so (Money quote from first story: “we talk about p***y,” referring to Bill Clinton and watch Barack Obama use the word reading from his book).

I suspect that even the operatives from the Clinton campaign who have been endlessly expressing their disgust and indignation over Donald Trump’s 2005 remarks, and, of course, by that I mean Wolf Blitzer, Jim Acosta and other “journalists” at “news” outlets like CNN, have said similar things in private. Sure, they look like prissy, metro panty boys, but I’m sure they’ve engaged in some crude, randy banter about sex and women. What? You say that some of these guys seem gay? My gay friends, please tell us about your private conversations about the attractive or unattractive body parts of your prospective romantic partners.
By the way, haven’t feminists, especially the wide-watch band, sensible shoes, drill instructor haircut variety, been telling us for decades that men are disgusting pigs who objectify women?
Those who engage in the most feigned outrage are doing what liberals always do: projecting, and saying things behind closed doors that are slightly different, as in the exact opposite of what they say before the cameras. See Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durkin. That why I gave him that moniker. See also the revelations from the blockbuster Wikileaks’s release of Hillary’s email in which she flat out admits deliberately saying one thing for public consumption and another in private. Oh you didn’t hear about that? Yes, it was just released yesterday, and she didn’t say those things 11 years ago, which brings me to the real “news” value of this Trump caught on tape story.

This story is really about three things:
(1) It demonstrates absolutely and unequivocally that the traditional media is an arm of the democrat party generally and the Hillary Clinton campaign specifically. The breathtaking corruption of this bunch during this election season is rivaled only by the corruption of the candidate they support. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in American history. The legendary Watergate scandal looks like children’s party compared to the stunning lawlessness of her outlaw email network. If Nixon had not only burned some of the tapes, but had the Department of Justice order the FBI to burn the rest while the media acted like it was normal to do so, then we’d have a similar scandal. It’s not even close. Also learned yesterday that, in 2013, NOT in 2005, Hillary described “open borders”as her “dream,” rendering the many “fact checks” that said her many denials were true the garbage that many knew they were in the first place.
We have witnessed journalistic malpractice from the media cabal for years. Now we have seen the death of journalism.

(2)The story reminds us of the fecklessness of the establishment Republican Party. Think about something here. In 1998, after Hillary’s BFF Sid “Vicious” Blumenthal spread the lie that Monica Lewinsky was a nut, and a stalker, and Bill Clinton lied about his relationship with her, he was confronted with the undeniable physical evidence that proved the truth. He was forced to admit that he used basically used an intern as a humidor and otherwise, shall we say, got inside her head. What did the democrats do? They circled the wagons, of course! An audio tape of a Trump appearance on an entertainment show, from 2005, that NBC had sitting on a shelf, suddenly appears—you know like those missing Whitewater files that showed up in the White House residence—and Republicans scatter like cockroaches when the light is turned on. I’ve got news for some of these fine public servants: Jesus is not on the ballot. Trump may have acted like an anal orifice on occasion, but he’s our anal orifice. Don’t abandon him. You look like weasels, and phonies. Yeah. Look like.

(3) The ultimate irony is that one could make a good argument that it was the Clintons themselves who accelerated the coarsening of our society. I know that because I have been making that argument for several years. The couple who helped middle schoolers learn all about oral sex—they are all about the children and education!—now see their political fortunes boosted by the decline of what we used to call “polite society.” I suspect that Donald Trump understands another quaint term: “mixed company,” as in things that men say when only men are around (see point 1). Leftist baby boomers like the Clintons wanted that “sexist” concept erased, and once they got in power, they put on a clinic on where the discarding of good manners has lead. Let me give you a personal example from just last week. A millennial acquaintance told me that a friend’s mother—let that sink in—joking about his full beard, attributed it to the benefits of—it pains me to repeat this one, but here goes—p***y juice. There is no more concept of polite company, although I am happy to say that the young man warned me before he repeated the story.

Perhaps the death of standards, manners and common sense will lead them back to the White House. Jeb, you see, there’s a Bush who knows how to take out Trump in Obama’s America.

Coming up: what Trump needs to do next.


  1. It all smacks of desperation to me. This is little more than an attempt to manufacture an October surprise.

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