Defining Courage and Character Down in the Age of Obama: The Teri O’Brien Show, 6/7/15

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show,

Defining Courage and Character Down in the Age of Obama

Is it just me, or is it somewhat bizarre, on the weekend that we commemorate the moment that the Allies, led by the United States, ended World War II and prevented the world from descending into darkness, by acts of nearly unimaginable valor at Normandy, we are describing a public display of mental illness and deviance as “courageous?” A sixty-five year old man, who apparently has been tormented nearly his entire life by an irresistible impulse to dress up like a woman, now can be his “true self.” Oh happy day! God bless, Bruce, or Caitlyn, and, even though I doubt that this whole episode will end well, I hope that it works out for him/her. Having said that, just what exactly is it about undergoing an never-ending series of surgical procedures, including genital mutilation, wearing a push-up camisole on the cover of a magazine and earning big bucks for starring in another “reality” tv show, that is “courageous?”

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The Atlantic’s Molly Ball says that Hillary Clinton realizes that she can’t run on her character. Well, at least not for President of the United States. If she was running to succeed John Gotti, that would be another story, but even her fans in the Lame Stream Media have noticed that she has a teensy problem with integrity. Major branding problem, there, but no worries, says Ms. Ball. Hillary can run on “policy.” Seriously?

After listening to this episode, you’ll know:

  • What the Founders had to say about character and virtue
  • Why Hillary Clinton is lying about the GOP and voting rights
  • How you need to get ready for media line of attack on GOP
  • Why Lincoln Chaffee thinks U.S. must go metric
  • How gun control laws cost a New Jersey woman her life

And lots more, including any breaking news

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Tune in today for the rest of the story.

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