Court to Midget Millionaire/Control Freak Nanny Bloomberg: Fugetaboutit

By now you know that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a problem with authority; that is, he has a problem any time he doesn’t have authority over every aspect of everyone else’s lives, and not just those living in New York City. As we noted a couple of weeks ago, he recently spent $2 million to defeat a pro-2nd Amendment candidate in a primary in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district, a thousand miles from his jurisdiction. Remember when he started his meddlesome “sting” operations and sued gun stores in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia, legitimate businesses in other states?  The crushing legal fees that resulted drove two gun shops in Virginia out of business. 

Then there’s his desire to protect citizens of New York City from their own stupidity by making sure that they don’t ingest the wrong foods and drinks. Unfortunately, thanks to a Manhattan judge’s ruling, those poor helpless wretches are left to their own incompetent decision making. From The New York Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg ‘s controversial ban on large, sugary sodas fell flat Monday when a judge shredded nearly every legal argument advanced by the mayor’s lawyers and tossed the regulation out.

The sweeping ruling, a day before the ban was to take effect, was a stinging setback for Bloomberg, who won national acclaim in pushing the regulation — and condemnation that he was creating a nanny state.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling dismissed the rule as “arbitrary and capricious,” with too many loopholes and exemptions, siding with soda companies and business groups that had taken the city to court.

Nanny Bloomberg is unimpressed. He knows that this judge, who wrote a very well-reasoned 37-page opinion, is wrong and that he is right, OF COURSE. I was impressed with Judge Tingling’s emphasis on separation of powers, which the brilliant Antonin Scalia has noted is as important, if not more important, than the Bill of Rights in protecting liberty.

Bloomberg claims that

“With so many people contracting diabetes and heart disease, with so many children who are overweight and obese, with so many poor neighborhoods suffering the worst of this epidemic . . . it would be irresponsible not to,” he said.
“People are dying every day. This is not a joke,” he said. “We’re talking about lives versus profits.”

proving yet again that having lots of money doesn’t mean you have lots of brains. Let me school you, Mr. Mayor. The solution to the problem you describe has nothing to do with ridiculous, and easily circumvented restrictions on personal food and beverage choices. It has to do with physical activity. As I noted in one of my books, Desperation Fitness, only 20  calories a day that a person doesn’t burn results in a 2-pound weight gain over the course of a year.

So, if you claim that you have the right to solve the “obesity epidemic,” what’s next? Mandatory morning workouts imposed by government fiat? Are NYC Exercise Inspectors going to ensure that your citizens expend a certain number of calories in physical activity every day? Why not just dispense with the inconvenience of trying to police that and put people in labor camps where you can make sure they’re on board with “Let’s Move?”

One more question: doesn’t the fact that British twit/ratings poison Piers Morgan agrees with you, Mr. Mayor, give you any pause that just maybe you might be wrong? I didn’t think so.


  1. Bloomberg is a liberal fascist. As a Multi-millionaire he knows best what poor, stupid minorities should eat!

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