The Cow Pie War: Clive Bundy v. the Bureau of Land Management

We haven’t had a good range war in several decades. This one is heating up nicely. Some 200 federal agents have descended on Clive Bundy’s ranch rustling cattle and generally making a nuisance of themselves. His ranch has been in his family for generations, some reports say since the 1870′s. Until the 1990′s the BLM charged for grazing rights and used the money to help the rancher build his property. Then they stopped using the money for that purpose but still charged the fee.

The government claims they are protecting the ‘desert tortoise’. That’s like a snail darter, delta smelt or a spotted owl, only different. The same ‘desert tortoise’ the government cared so much about they decided to euthanize them. The only problem with that assertion is Harry Reid (D-Nevada) changed the boundaries of the ‘desert tortoise’ so that his son, Rory, who happens to be involved with the Chinese in a Solar Farm Project in the same area, could get a handsome commission. It was on the BLM’s website until the guano came in contact with the oscillating devise. Then it was removed.

Some reports suggest the cattle are being euthanized. Where’s PETA?

Now word comes that certain ‘militias’ are heading to this range war to protect the ranch from snipers and low flying helicopters. Government snipers have a propensity to ‘accidentally’ hit women and children.

You will, of course, recall the case of the North Dakota rancher Randy Brossart. When 6 cows wandered onto his property he demanded payment before their release:

Brossart and his family face various criminal charges that relate to a conflict they got into with law enforcement officers after six cows from a neighboring farm wandered onto their land. Brossart declined to return the cattle to their owner until he was paid for the feed they had consumed. When police got involved, three of Brossart’s sons allegedly chased the officers away with guns. In the end, a drone was deployed, Rodney Brossart was repeatedly tased and then arrested, and the cows were handed over.

Brossart had drones from the Dept. of Homeland Security tracking him without a warrant for essentially the same dispute over just 6 cows. In Nevada, 600 cows wander onto BLM land and the government confiscates them for not paying grazing fees.

In the end, Brossart was forced to apologize, and given a 6 month sentence. The judge had this to say about the case, which applies to the Nevada case as well:

“This case should have never happened,” state District Judge Joel Medd said in court. “Chalk it up to stubbornness, to stupidity, to being at odds with your neighbors or any combination of those. We should never have been here if the cows would have just been returned.”

I concur.

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