Crazy Keith Olbermann’s Conspiracy Theory, Dark Side of Earth Day, Dog-Eating Obama: The Teri O’Brien Show, 4/22/12

The Seamus “Joy Ride” ends, thanks to the revelations in Obama’s (actually Bill Ayers’) book, in which he revealed his dog-eating past. Not only do the attempts by the One’s campaign to do the full Alinsky ridicule routine on their opposition bite them on ass. So do his efforts to position himself as the opposite of some white bread, traditional jingoistic American, preferring to be a multicultural citizen of the world. Right. Where they eat dogs, which Americans don’t.

Keith Olbermann accuses Republicans of causing the kerfuffle over dogs, and posits a bizarre conspiracy theory about the reason for high gas prices. Hint: like everything else, it’s about Obama.

2nd amendment update: Bank of America disses customer of 12 years because it is in the firearms industry

Guest Jim Kouri reveals what Eric Holder may have forgotten to reveal to the Senate prior to his confirmation.

The dark side of Earth Day, including the unsavory slime ball who was a co-founder

How much have we American taxpayers spent to subsidize Obama’s campaign? No one knows, and no one may ever know.

Jim Kouri – National Law Enforcement Examiner – Crime & Courts |

Attorney General Holder may cost Obama re-election, say critics – National Law Enforcement |

Napolitano perjured herself to Congress in Fast & Furious testimony – HUMAN EVENTS

PICKET: Issa expects movement on Holder contempt charge within ‘weeks’ – Washington Times

Bank of America | McMillan | Second Amendment | The Daily Caller

Va. investigates voter fraud | Richmond Times-Dispatch

KNIGHT: Earth Day co-founder written out of history – Washington Times

ZUBRIN: Earth Day’s dark side – Washington Times

Who foots bill when Obama travels? – Washington Times

Cost of Michelle Obama’s Nashville visit may never be fully known | The Tennessean |

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