“Creepy A** Crackers” Should Prepare for Negro-geddon

By Guest Contributor Taleeb Starkes

If the 1992 L.A riots had a son, it would look like the pending 2013 Trayvon Martin riots on steroids. If Zimmerman walks, Blacks will have a national temper-tantrum resulting with (what I call) Negro-geddon.

Negro-geddon is essentially a form of Black spontaneous combustion leading to a Black riot. Moreover, its manifestation doesn’t symbolize a collective desire to peacefully express dissent through petitions, non-violent civil disobedience, peaceful protests, or marches. On the contrary, its appearance means that feral behavior is about to occur under the guise of racial solidarity. Seemingly, this predictable, rambunctious conduct has become our default method of conflict-resolution.

Here’s a little known history fact: America avoided a national occurrence of Negro-geddon in November of 2012, due to Barack Obama being re-elected.

It’s an open-secret that one specific entity is guaranteed to incite Negro-geddon. Do you know who or what is? If not, here’s a little help.

Certainly, it isn’t the Tuskegee Institute study, which calculated that the Ku Klux Klan murdered 3,446 African-Americans during an 86-year span, while Black on Black homicides averages that number every six months. Nor, is it the nearly three decades-long Bureau of Justice Statistics study from 1980-2008, which documented that Blacks made up almost half of the national homicide victims (47.4%) and more than half of the offenders (52.4%) during that span, while being approximately thirteen percent (13%) of the national population. Neither, is it the reality that a criminal and dysfunctional subculture, which is empowered by the no-snitch mentality, has a monopoly on Black communities across the country.

Unfortunately, none of these troublesome realities that would be top priorities in other communities is the single-most reliable catalyst for Negro-geddon. Quite simply, that honor is reserved for “creepy a** crackas” and any perceived mistreatment by them. Whether it’s Paula Dean violating our (Black’s) pseudo-patent on the N-word, Don Imus’ “nappy-headed hoes” comment, or the board game Ghettopoly, which parodied conditions that actually exist in the hood, “creepy a** crackas” are the chief stimuli for Negro-geddon.

Presently, the most hated “creepy a** cracka” is none other than George Zimmerman. Even though Zimmerman is only half “creepy a** cracka,” the exponential amount of terroristic threats against him on social media sites confirm that being half-white is more than enough Whiteness to justify the racist vitriol. Ironically, Obama is also half “creepy a** cracka,” but is adored by Blacks, even though his actions continue to hurt the Black community more than Zimmerman ever could, but I digress.

The New Black Panther Party, whose national field marshal declared, “I would love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag,” once placed a ‘Dead or Alive’ bounty on Zimmerman, while Spike Lee tweeted an elderly couple’s address thinking that it belonged to Zimmerman. These artificial gestures of Blacks being their “brother’s keeper” is just another pitiful case of racial imagery superseding racial-reality. It’s highly hypocritical that these aggressive methods of vigilantism aren’t utilized daily in urban communities where they’re actually needed against Black urban terrorists.

The toxicity of the counterproductive, race-based logic that’s being promoted by self-appointed Black leaders and exploited by the race-baiting media ensures that no White-on-Black crisis is ever wasted. Rest assured, after the Zimmerman trial, the tsunami of violence will spread nationally and be difficult to contain. Even the infamous words of “King” aren’t enough to quell it. No, not Dr. King, I’m talking about Rodney King, who eloquently asked during the 1992 riots, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Undoubtedly, this episode of Negro-geddon will be the costlier than those 1992 riots. Advisedly, White-Hispanics should strongly identify with their Hispanic side because remember, Black grievance is against “creepy a** crackas.” Whites, on the other hand, should be prepared to defend yourselves and property. Yes, even you Whites who voted for Obama and may still even have the “Hope and Change” bumper sticker won’t be exempt from victimization.

Here’s the reality…

At this trial’s conclusion, the only way that Negro-geddon will not occur is if Zimmerman is found guilty. In other words, Zimmerman has to be sacrificed. Angela Corey, the Florida prosecutor who suspiciously charged Zimmerman after the local police did not, seemingly recognized Zimmerman’s political value when the race-buzzards begin circling and the political pressure began to mount. Her critics characterized her decision to file charges as political pandering. Even noted Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz described Corey’s decision to bring charges as “anything but ethical, lawful and professional.” He further expressed his disappointment to the New York Daily News saying, “She was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.”

So, is this trial simply a reality show that’s scripted to prevent Negro-geddon? I say yes. However, if Zimmerman is somehow found guilty, I’m certain that “creepy a** crackas,” White Hispanics, Jews, Gentiles, or Whites of whatever variety won’t riot… just as they didn’t after the O.J verdict. Perhaps, Rodney King’s call for peace actually resonated with some people…just not with us Blacks.

Taleeb Starkes is the author of a controversial book that confronts the criminal and dysfunctional subculture within the Black community titled, “The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NI**ERS.”


  1. Outstanding piece. One of the best I have seen on this whole sorry episode. This is Twana Brawley on steroids.

  2. Great minds think alike! I posted a similar commentary on the Huff-Puff Board this morning!!!

  3. Great article, Taleeb! You need to write another book!

  4. There will always be Black conservatives and Blacks with this view point and that’s okay, put I will point out that “Negro-geddon” has not happened and will not happen. All most people wanted was justice and a fair trial and now that it’s over, while disappointed, there are no major riots because Black people aren’t the animals and criminals the media brainwashes the world to believe. Instead I’ve hard more conversation about peaceful marches and boycotting vacationing to Florida. The thing is, there is a difference between a Black person and a N*gger. A Black person is just like a white person, but a N*gger can be any ignorant, aggressive, person of any race, yet America likes to think that only Black people can be n*ggers and some even think that all Black people are n*ggers. N*ggers mess it up for Black people because while a small percent, they do so much damage that they seem like the entire race. I hate n*ggers but I don’t think asking for equal justice and treatment makes you one.

  5. Nigrageddon sounds like some bullshit to me. If Africa is where man started why is it that all of Africa is basically a shit hole? It’s just not a few county’s but the whole continent I guessing around 53 country’s. Some.places never even seen a white person and they basically live as cavemen. Compare Europe’s. Culture to Africa’s. As for African-Americans I understand they are only 400 hundred year’s. Out of the savanna and jungles of Africa’s. Every other culture has something great Chinese. Europe The middle east… quit. Blaming whitey as for the. New black Panthers. To every white you kill someone. Will kill 10 for 1 I am tired of whites being ashamed of being white.The United State’s was built by ideas of whites put together on the back of slaves. Im soundi like a bigot but I’m proud to call a few black men my friend because they didn’t follow the herd and played race card’s. They never said oh im black whity will not let me they educated them selfs and got it done.

  6. Not sure what you mean, BB, but I don’t think I’ve crossed anything other than the right to be called “politically correct,’ and as you know, that ship sailed a LONG time ago.

  7. That pretty much sums it up, Mr. Starkes. It’s all perception over reality just as the Justice Department created it.

    “CRS is an arm of the department that we call the Peacemakers,” Thomas Battles, regional director of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service, said at a meeting at the Shiloh Church on April 19, 2012. “We work with communities where there is real or perceived racial tensions.”

    My perception is these people want to tear things down rather than build things up. Continuing…

    “…When Trayvon happened, for many of us, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back,” he continued. “We had grown up in a state and environment where race is a way of life … We’re not from Sanford, but what Sanford represented to us was the very real problems going around this state and this country. We wanted to figure out how could we stand in solidarity, and how could we make this about not just justice for Trayvon, but using this moment and using the opportunity to honor his memory, to honor his spirit by working to bring down the various structures and the various systems that allow something like this to happen.”
    The Washington Times via Gateway Pundit http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/07/caught-on-tape-obama-justice-official-urges-action-against-george-zimmerman/

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