CRITICAL: The Next Few Days Are Your Chance to Stop Amnesty. Please Call and Email Your Senator.

BOTTOM LINE: If you care about the future of this country, apathy on this Schumer-Obama amnesty that’s working its way through the senate is a non-starter. You need to call and email your representatives today. They need to see a groundswell of support for enforcing the border and defeating this very bad law. Get busy!

Need help with what to say? Please scroll down for some are some useful links, with everything you need to know.

Here’s contact information for every senator.

You can call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, and tell the operator the member of Congress that you would like to speak with and they will connect you.

You can also email them. Contacting the Congress: A Citizen’s Congressional Directory (tell your senator that we don’t want amnesty. We want the invasion of illegals to stop.)

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Yesterday I participated in a tele-townhall, sponsored by our friends at NumbersUSA, featuring Senators Vitter, Cruz and Sessions. The topic: how to stop the latest attempt to inflict amnesty on our great country. Here’s what I took from the call: All three senators said that phone calls and emails have a huge impact on them. They receive a report every day about the number of emails and phone calls, and how public opinion is running. Even if we can’t stop this train wreck in the Senate–and I think we can–we need to reduce the number of Republicans voting for it to send a message to the House.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

The Gang of 8 bill doesn’t address issues like this one, the fraudulent use of the our tax code to send money from our treasury to Mexico. Shocking, I know.

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz emphasized something that almost no one has discussed; specifically, the fact that because of Obamacare, the newly “legalized” illegals will have what is effectively affirmative action; that is, a leg up on getting jobs because it will cost employers a lot less to hire them than American citizens. Why? Because employers won’t be required to comply with burdensome Obamacare rules and regulations if they hire illegals with their new “provisional status.” Sen. Cruz said that cost amount to $5000.00 per employee, which for a small business makes a huge difference. I’ll ask again: how exactly does adding over 40 million people to compete with Americans for jobs when our unemployment rate is over 7% make sense? Sen. Cruz has a petition that we should all sign here.

Sen. Jeff Sessions

In response to a question, Sen. Sessions  explained that there are no background checks in the home country of the illegals given the new “provisional” legal status, and also explained the fact that the Gang of 8 bill does nothing to address the issue of visa overstays.

As we have frequently discussed on The Teri O’Brien Show, the fact that this bill “authorizes” all these additional border agents, blah blah blah, means nothing, because future Congresses can decide not to spend the money.

The proponents of this bill are using an old trick, double counting funds paid into the Treasury. In this case, they are counting the money that will supposedly be paid into Medicare and Social Security as funds that can be spent to reduce the costs of current policy. No. Those funds will eventually have to be paid out when the newly legalized immigrants are ready to collect their “entitlements.” Sen. Sessions calls this law “the betrayal of the rule of law in America.” I couldn’t have said it better.


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