Crony Capitalists Fear Trump, Cruz, Would Vote for Hillary

Not exactly a news bulletin, I know, but here we have a crony capitalist admitting it.

Crony Capitalism

From The Financial Times:

Bemusement over the Republican presidential race is giving way to alarm in corporate America as the traditional party of business toys with nominating two candidates — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — who many executives view as intolerable.

The spectre of Mr Trump’s caustic bluster and Mr Cruz’s unbending conservatism has left some Republican-leaning business people discussing a previously unthinkable prospect: voting for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Jim Newsome, a derivatives lobbyist who chaired the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under President George W Bush, said until recently he was laughing about the Trump campaign.

“I’m not laughing any more . . . I’m slightly worried about it,” he told a conference following last week’s Iowa caucuses, where the property mogul saw victory snatched from his grasp by Mr Cruz, the Texas senator.

“If it comes down to Hillary and Trump or Cruz, Hillary’s got my vote. While I don’t agree with Hillary on a lot of issues, I know what I’m getting if we elect Hillary versus a Trump or a Cruz,” said Mr Newsome.

Yes, Mr. Newsome, you’re getting a congenital liar who has botched everything she’s every touched, a phony who bleats about women’s rights and feminism to the delight of 60 and 70-something overweight cows who swoon over her blather, forgetting that she led the charge to bully and intimidate the women victimized by her sexual predator husband.

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If this article doesn’t say it all about these crony capitalists, I don’t know what does.


  1. Newsome- Cutting off your nose to spite your face is a typical Rino strategy. While Trump may not be a right wing conservative, he is certainly not a left wing rabid socialist like Hitlery. His brain must be addled to want to do it.
    Dave Reinert- Baseless accusations? What planet has he been on. Oh right, libitards can never admit that their Queen has faults. Sleeping thru the 3;00 Benghazi phone call. Reset button in Russia. Arming the Syrian rebels, aka ISIS. Overthrowing Gadhafi without a plan to replace him. No fault zone = Hitlery. The stronger he alludes to may be the stench!

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