Mom of Crying Child in Hoax Pix Poster Girl for Asylum Fraud: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show 06-24-2018

Time Magazine’s Crying Child Photo Hoax Exposed!

Last week the whole world learned that the poster child for “family separations” is this crying child from Honduras, and while it’s true that she was separated from her family, that didn’t happen at the border.

The REAL poster girl is this border-jumping felon who abandoned her husband and 3 other children.

More about that here.

The only “family separation” going on here was on the part of the girl’s  illegal alien mother, previously deported in 2013 (so now she’s a felon, in case you were wondering). SHE separated her youngest daughter from her father and her 3 siblings still in Honduras, who were wondering what happened until they saw the “iconic” photo.


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What You’ll Learn From Listening to This Episode

  • How the corrupt media lied to you about the “border crisis”
  • How the editor of TIME magazine, confronted with the fact that his rag used an image of a crying child to deceive the public, tried to justify it. SO LAME!
  • How clueless are some members of Congress: stupidy, willful ignorance or something else, Rep. Jackie Speier?
  • What Prof.  Walter E. Williams thinks of tariffs, and the apparent rise of socialism, and what we can do about it
  • How the U.N. is trying to take your guns
  • How a Democrat member of Congress justified a Democrat Socialist Party, Barack Obama’s party back in the day, vicious display of bad manners, driving DHS Sec. Kristen Nielsen from a restaurant where she tried to eat dinner
  • State Dept Official Victoria Neuland, up to her elbows in Benghazi hoax, reports on Chris Steeler briefing Obama official on Steele dossier

And more!


Links and Resources from this Episode

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Is “Border Crisis” President Trump’s Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina was a punishment ~~from god~~ for not cleaning your room : enoughpetersonspam (From a reddit threat of leftists who DESPISE the author of our first Dangerous Thinkers Book Club selection, Dr. Jordan Peterson)

‘Breathtaking’ Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid – The New York Times

New Orleans’ Mayor During Hurricane Katrina Gets 10-Year Sentence for Fraud

Corruption, cronyism and New Orleans levees | Levees.Org

Culture War Heats Up

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Mueller Witch Hunt

Mueller may be preparing to hand off prosecution as part of winding down his investigation: report | TheHill

Victoria Nuland Can’t Keep Her Steele Story Straight

Victoria Nuland, linked to anti-Trump dossier, says White House not countering Russian threat – Washington Times


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