Cue Up the Sir Mix-a-Lot: Barack Likes Big Butts

He likes big butts. In an interview published Monday, President Barack Obama talked about his daughters dealing with body image and how he appreciates his wife’s “curves.”

Yes, big butts, just like that old song.

From The Daily Caller:

In an interview published Monday, President Barack Obama talked about his daughters dealing with body image and how he appreciates his wife’s “curves.”

“When you’re a dad of two daughters, you notice more … the enormous pressure that young women are placed under in terms of looking a certain way. … And that pressure I think has historically always been harder on African-American women than just about any other women,” said Obama in a joint interview with Essence and Time Magazine.

He continued to say, “And the fact that [my daughters] have a tall, gorgeous mom who has some curves, and that their father appreciates, I think it’s helpful.”


Right. I agree with Fox News’ Keith Ablow, an obviously courageous man who actually said on that lunch time hen party they have over there, “Outnumbered,” that Mooch could stand to drop a few LB’s.  My comment on that post did not meet with universal approval.











Let me guess. I, among others, noticed Michelle’s ample posterior, so …racism.


  1. Watch Family Feud and see the curves. I worked with a guy who liked them fluffy. In this case, her wideness has chosen to not be an example of what she preaches.

  2. Great question. I believe that there are many who are very invested in perpetuated the myth of their own victimhood, or of those they use for their own personal gain. Do you think Barack Obama would be in the White House or still standing on a Chicago street corner with his clipboard and bullhorn if he weren’t “black” (which he is based only on the old Jim Crow definition, the “one drop rule”)? Would Al Sharpton be able to get away with tax evasion? Would these serial law breakers in the Black Lives Matter thug organization get away with the crap they pull if they weren’t black? Of course not! So the last thing these people want is to live Dr. King’s idea of a color-blind society.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s tough to do that when the Obamas are constantly shoving the idea that Michelle is some fitness and beauty icon, which is an affront to anyone with functioning eyes. Should Barry be talking about his wife’s “curves?” TMI. More power to you, Dude, if you like your wife’s ample parameters, but not interested. More of the revolting cult of the personality surrounding this clown and his repellant wife.

  4. Pillow fight? Definitely. It also looks like she could grab him by the neck and ankles and snap him in half across her hugh thighs. Snap him like a chicken bone.

  5. No question about that. One of my friends who saw that Stratton ad said to me “OMG! I saw an ad with Obama walking around with a clipboard, as you always say!” As in, I say but for the fact that Obama is “black” he would still be standing on a Chicago street corner with his bullhorn and clipboard.

  6. That’s the difference, Paul. You don’t lecture your fellow citizens about what they should eat, and how often they should work out, nor do you try to control what school children get in their school lunches. So it wouldn’t be fair to criticize your appearance or level of fitness. Mooch opened the door, so she asked for it. Now her jackass husband has to use this interview as a chance to play the race card! Unbelievable!

  7. Thanks for posting this video!

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