Cue the Sir Mix-A-Lot: Sensenbrenner Tells Truth About Michelle’s Huge Ass

Some of my friends and listeners have suggested that I should run for political office. I’m  flattered that they think I would do a better job than the current crop of mediocre, spineless refugees from the private sector, but of course, there is zero chance that would take them up on their idea. I like telling the truth way too much for that. As Michael Kinsley famously said, in Washington, a “gaffe” is doing just that. Yet another example of the truth of Mr. Kinsley’s statement is this item about Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s very accurate comments regarding America’s number one, albeit self-appointed, health, fitness and nutrition expert, Michelle Obama.

From an outraged “journalist,” at something called the DCFishbowl, reporting on the Wisconsin representative’s cell phone conversation overheard at Reagan airport:

Thanks to Marathon Pundit, via Doug Ross, for another photo of Michelle's biggest asset

Apparently, the congressman was talking to someone about a church auction he had attended three weeks earlier, when an admirer of Michelle’s, who must have been baiting the conservative representative, approached him.

As listeners to the Teri O’Brien Show know very well, I have noted for several years, the HUGE, and i do mean huge, and bizarre inconsistency between Mrs. Obama’s incessant hectoring about obesity, exercise, and our food choices while possessing a rear end on which we could park an aircraft carrier. There’s a reason that devotees of the Obama cult of the personality gush endlessly about Mrs. Obama’s sculpted arms, as noted here.

Now, Cong. Sensenbrenner is supposed to apologize to Moochelle for a true statement he made in a conversation overheard by a “Democrat operative?” Only in Washington. I’m sure that the reporter, a Ms. Betsy Rothstein, who scribbled this foolishness, expects him to bow down to Her Highness even lower than Barack Obama meeting a tinpot dictator.  She is completely focused on Mr. Sensenbrenner’s, physique, indignant that “he, also, has a large behind,” conveniently ignoring the fact that he is not the one lecturing us on our diets and exercise routines, all the while stuffing his pie hole with ice cream, french fries and lobster. Let’s talk turkey, or perhaps I should say, ribs, Ms. Rothstein, about Mrs. Obama’s derriére. You can see it from space.

There’s a larger question, though, even larger than the subject at hand, which is the only thing Mrs. Obama has that is bigger than her sense of entitlement. That larger question is this one: Is it just me, or does it seem that these liberal apparatchiks do a lot of eavesdropping, especially at Christmas time? Remember when those typical American grandparents, just out doing some holiday shopping, happened to have their typical, average American police scanner on in their car when they heard Rep. John Boehner talking about the ethics investigation involving then-Speaker Newt Gingrich? They recorded the conversation, and eventually delivered it to Baghdad Jim McDermott, who leaked it to the New York Times. A federal court ordered Rep. McDermott to pay Rep. Boehner damages for his skullduggery, and he eventually had to cough up hundreds of thousands in damages and legal fees. Why are these people always sniffing around, eavesdropping and otherwise refusing to mind their own business? Oh wait …never mind. They are LIBERALS! Controlling everyone’s life is their reason for living!

We can only hope that January 20, 2013 will find Barack Obama’s skinny backside and his repellent wife’s ginormous one living somewhere other than the White House, and all our problems will be behind us.


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