Developing: Dallas Police Officers Shot by Snipers at Protest

Disgusting. Barack Obama was quick to rush to the podium this afternoon to race bait and demagogue. To what extent does his war on the police across the country play a role in inflaming these violent dirtbags?


From The Daily Caller:

At least 10 officers have been shot — three of whom are dead — Thursday night at an anti-police protest in Dallas, Texas, according to a statement from Dallas police chief David Brown. Both shooters reportedly used rifles and wore body armor while shooting at officers from elevated positions.

Dallas Morning News reports this photo shows possible shooter:


Do you know this man?

Also breaking reports (unconfirmed) say that shooters threatened to plant a bomb in downtown Dallas.

Stay tuned for more.

Thought experiment: what will Barack Obama say about this horrific mess? Will he rush to his Race podium again? Will the truth seekers in the media condemn his role in “inflaming violence” the way they do whenever they want to demonize Donald Trump?




  1. Thanks, Rosanna, for posting and commenting. I am heartsick over these horrific events.

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