Dana: This Morning I Started Sobbing Uncontrollably, and Now I Understand Why

Missing Dana very much today

Miss you so much, Big Beautiful Girl! We know that you are in Heaven.

Miss you so much, Big Beautiful Girl! We know that you are in Heaven.

It was 7 months ago yesterday that we lost our precious Dana. (More about that here.) It’s tough for me not to tear up when I see this commercial about a guy and his 14 year-old best friend. (Dana was 14 when we had to say goodbye to her.)


I think the commercial must have been inspired by this viral video, a photographer’s tribute to his dog Denali, who passed at age 14. Not coincidentally, they travelled around in a Subaru, even living out of it, at one point.

There is nothing like the bond between human beings and dogs. If you are lucky enough to have a precious pup, please hug him for me. If you aren’t please consider visiting a shelter and giving one of these amazing creatures a good home.


  1. All dogs go to heaven.

    • Yes! And I’m sure our Dana is there, enjoying an endless buffet of bacon, cheese, peanut butter and smoked salmon.

      • Wow, smoked salmon. Sounds like Dana had some expensive tastes. My Kale used to love the popcorn that blew out of the hot air popper, until he found out the popcorn that came out of the bowl had butter on it. No one dry popcorn, he wanted the buttered stuff. Two years after he passed and I still get weepy everytime I make popcorn. So sorry for your loss.

  2. If you watch The Five on Fox, Dana Perrino has a dog named Jasper and mentions him always.

    • I have heard her mention our Jasper, and I know that she is a dog lover as I am. Last week was one year since we lost our big beautiful girl, Dana, and we miss her every single day. She sent us another dog that needed a good home, the sweet Rachael, who is a real pistol and a comfort to us. Thanks for your comment.

      • I know how people are attached to their dog. I had to put a beagle down moving from NY to Co since snoopy the beagle had heart work. Where I live now in a 55 + Manufactured home community, dogs are a maximum weight of 20 lbs. No foo foo dog for me and most that size and others are high strung. We have a runt of the litter cat, Boots who is my cat when he decides to grace me with his presence.
        And low maintenance.

        • Wow, 20 lbs is awfully small. I would think under 40 lbs would be more reasonable. As you probably know, I LOVE the big ones, but I love them all, truth be known. Hug Boots for me! The lovely Rachael has 4 perfect white paws that make her look like she’s wearing boots or gloves, BTW.

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