Sidney Powell Former Federal Prosecutor on Corruption in the Department of Justice: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 003

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Sidney Powell’s story: One thing that the last century media has covered up—and in fact, in at least one case actually celebrated, is that one of Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissman, is notorious for running roughshod over the rights of many people, concealing evidence from the defense, and bullying the accused by threatening not just them, but their families, when he was part of the equally notorious Enron Task force. All of this horrific and, frankly, terrifying misconduct was described in the book Licensed to Lie. Listen to the interview In this episode of Dangerous Thinkers.

Key Points

  • When federal prosecutors disregard their obligation to not only win, but see that justice is served, lives and careers get destroyed, and the innocent suffer unbelievable harm.
  • Good people have an obligation to speak up against egregrious wrongs.
  • Sadly, too often those who commit horrific misconduct ended up rewarded.

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