Now That Darryl Issa Has Apologized to Elijah Cummings, When Will Obama Apologize to Rep. Joe Wilson (and the rest of us)?

Remember this disgusting display of disrespect toward the Dear Reader back in 2009?

Rep. Joe Wilson was demonized, but the look on Madame Pelosi’s face made it all worth it, didn’t it?

Now, as is so often the case with Obama’s statements, we discover–Shazam!!–that Joe Wilson was on to something.

Here’s the One reassuring illegals that they shouldn’t be afraid that, if they live in “mixed status families,” as in if they have an anchor baby around that they can use to scam U.S. taxpayers, signing up their children for Obamacare will result in their being reported and deported.

He’s “constrained” until Congress changes the law? Since when? There have been 37 changes to this Obamacare scheme, 20 of which King Barack did with a stroke of his mighty pen.

I wonder if he’s told Vladimir Putin about that pen. That should scare him.

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