Daryl Hall to “Cultural Appropriation” Idiots: STFU, Academia “Hotbed of Idiocy”

Daryl Hall is a very smart, talented guy, something many of us have known for years. I didn’t realize how much common sense he has.

Daryl Hall also says that academia is a “hotbed of idiocy.” See what I mean? From a lengthy and very interesting interview in Salon (questions in bold):

One of the current debates is over “cultural appropriation” – The idea that white people should not appropriate the culture of ethnic and racial minorities. I know that you don’t like the term “blue eyed soul.” Have you followed this conversation?

Are you trying to say that I don’t own the style of music that I grew up with and sing? I grew up with this music. It is not about being black or white. That is the most naïve attitude I’ve ever heard in my life. That is so far in the past, I hope, for everyone’s sake. It isn’t even an issue to discuss. The music that you listened to when you grew up is your music. It has nothing to do with “cultural appropriation.”

I agree with you entirely, because…

I’m glad that you do, because anyone who says that should shut the fuck up.

Well, this entire critique is coming back…

I’m sorry to hear it. Who is making these critiques? Who do they write for? What are their credentials to give an opinion like that? Who are they?

Much of it is academic.

Well, then they should go back to school. Academia? Now, there’s a hotbed of idiocy.

You should read the whole interview. He has a lot of great insights about the music industry, and how he’s managed to stay ahead of the curve with his internet show, Live from Daryl’s House.

Interesting, fun fact: The Song Michael Jackson “Stole” from Hall & Oates.

I’m going to go listen to Missed Opportunities again. (Link to official video.)


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