David Spade: Narcissistic Empty Suit, Desperate for Attention aka The President


Narcissistic much, Obama? Even Hollywood actors can see it!

Not only are these two grifters, the Obamas, addicted to living way LARGE using other people’s money. They love the glamour of being celebrities.

From The Hill:

Actor David Spade says President Obama’s appearances on reality TV shows like “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” are unbecoming of the presidency.

“I criticized Obama because I thought, you know, a president should have a little more dignity than – I mean, I realize that Woodrow Wilson went on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ once, but what president’s doing reality shows?” Spade told TMZ in a video posted on Sunday. “It just sounds weird to me, you know, it’s just too much.”

“Like, he’s on GQ – I’m like, leave that to Bradley Cooper,” he added. “You don’t need to go – the president, you’re above all of us, you’re above stars, you’re above everything. When he’s trying to get in the mix, like, I want to present at the MTV Awards – all right guy, you got it, relax.”

“It just seems a bit thirsty to me, that’s all.”

The comedian also said first lady Michelle Obama appears more on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show than he does.

“I think that, you know, Michelle Obama’s on ‘Ellen’ more than I am.

And anyone assuming that once they are out of office they won’t be constantly in our faces as they have the last 6 plus years should think again. Like some sort of incurable rash, his disgusting duo, like the predecessors the Clintons, will always be with us. Heaven help us.


  1. I thought that BO was for the smell. Oh, that is Obama with the selfie stick placed in the appropriate orifice!

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