DC Transgender Cop Turns Out to Be a Pervert


Transgender means never having to say you’re sorry.

From The Daily Caller:

A transgender police officer in Washington, D.C., who has repeatedly been praised as a community role model has also quietly been reprimanded for improper sexually-tinged antics with underage police interns.

In a story published Thursday night, NBC4 News profiled Jessica Hawkins as a police officer who “helps build trust in [the] D.C. community” due to his work on an LGBT outreach unit. Hawkins, who previously went by Billy, is biologically male but identifies as a woman, and publicly transitioned two years ago.

NBC4’s story is just the latest positive one about Hawkins, who has also been profiled by NPRMetro Weekly and other outlets.

But a new report by local D.C. station Fox 5 shows another, more disturbing side of Hawkins that hasn’t appeared in profiles. According to the report, Hawkins has repeatedly landed in hot water because of his conduct around interns for D.C.’s police department.

“Sgt. Hawkins showed the interns a ‘homemade video of her having sex with 4 men while she was intoxicated,’” Fox’s report says. Another complain filed against Hawkins accused him of taking under-21 interns to an Arlington gay bar, where she helped them buy alcohol and laughed at one intern’s possession of a fake ID.

According to Fox, Hawkins has admitted that both complaints against him are accurate, and was quite cavalier in the admission. Hawkins even volunteered that he had shown other interns an inappropriate picture on his phone. (emphasis mine)

Remember, though, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION between a person’s desire to change genders and any other bizarre and anti-social behavior. Got it?



  1. Transgender pervert seems somewhat redundant. All perverts may not be transgendered but all transgenders are perverts.

    • Robert, you realize that what you said is VERY politically incorrect. Be careful or you will be reported. LOL. One of the Left’s long-term goals is to destroy the traditional family, which means normalizing behavior that is far from normal.

      • I do realize that Teri and it is a risk I’m willing to take. I believe that it is something that needs to be said and this story well reflects that reality. If you look up the word “pervert” you will find that the definition describes “transgendered” individuals quite accurately. It is what it is.

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