Barack, It’s Time for Another Apology Tour. Medicare Death Panels are Back!

Medicare Death Panels: Time for Senior Citizens to “Die and Get Out of the Way”

Ah memories! Remember when Barack Obama told us that doctors are so greedy that they would rip kids’ (or your) tonsils out, even if that wasn’t the best treatment for them, just to get a higher reimbursement from those evil insurance companies?

That was back in the glorious year 2009, the year that our Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama (praise be his name) ascended to the throne. I know it seems like a very long time ago since that glorious day, but that’s only because it’s hard to believe anyone could accomplish so much in only a little over 6 years. Stop and consider everything that he has done:

  • Bullied and intimidated local police departments
  • Hobbled the U.S. military
  • Destroyed the health care system that worked adequately, albeit not perfectly, for most people (excluding many freeloaders) while at the same enriching the very insurance companies that many blamed for its problems
  • Inflaming racial division and resentment to levels unseen since the 1960’s
  • The murder of the first US ambassador since the Carter administration
  • Presiding over the rise of ISIS
  • Enabling Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, which is well under way
  • Facilitating an illegal alien invasion, to change the demographics of the country, pre-2016

In that same year, 2009, even before he had managed all those amazing accomplishments, he received the Nobel Prize that first year for creating a “new climate in international politics!” Also in 2009, the One went on his infamous apology world tour, in which he traveled to Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, to explain that the United States sucks, and has for at least 200 years, but that he was riding to the rescue, to deliver long-deserved payback.

It seems to me that it’s time for another apology tour from the One. This time, he needs to apologize to Rep. Joe Wilson, who famously shouted “You lie!” during Obama’s Sept. 9, 2009, speech to a joint session of Congress. That time, the braying jackass was lying through his teeth about whether his health care scheme would cover illegal aliens. Since that time there have been so many lies about Obamacare coming out of his piehole, that one apology is really not adequate, but it would be a good start.

Next stop on the tour should be Alaska, where the Community-Organizer-in-Chief could pay a visit to Gov. Sarah Palin, who brought attention to the “death panels” contained in his Obamacare scheme. In January 2011, right after the GOP took over the House, the Obama Regime did an abrupt 180, and took references to end-of-life planning our of the regulations for the new health care law. That was before the 2012 election, of course. The apology is called for now, because the Medicare death panels are back! From the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times:

Medicare, the federal program that insures 55 million older and disabled Americans, announced plans on Wednesday to reimburse doctors for conversations with patients about whether and how they would want to be kept alive if they became too sick to speak for themselves.

The proposal would settle a debate that raged before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, when Sarah Palin labeled a similar plan as tantamount to setting up “death panels” that could cut off care for the sick. The new plan is expected to be approved and to take effect in January, although it will be open to public comment for 60 days.

Medicare’s plan comes as many patients, families and health providers are pushing to give people greater say about how they die — whether that means trying every possible medical option to stay alive or discontinuing life support for those who do not want to be sustained by ventilators and feeding tubes.

“We think that today’s proposal supports individuals and families who wish to have the opportunity to discuss advance care planning with their physician and care team,” said Dr. Patrick Conway, the chief medical officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, which administers Medicare. “We think those discussions are an important part of patient- and family-centered care.”

This government apparatchik thinks these “discussion” are important. That settles it. One small question: So if “many patients” and their “families” want “the opportunity” to talk about end-of-life planning with their doctors, why exactly do they need the government to get involved? Here’s why: Medicare is going to pay those greedy doctors to nudge elderly people, to quote former Colorado democrat governor Richard Lamm, to “die and get out of the way” by paying them a bonus to do it. (An aside: former Gov. Lamm is uncowed, writing a 2009 piece, enthusiastically supporting rationing medical care.)

Let’s connect a few dots. One-third of Obamacare funding, at least on paper, comes from cutting $700 billion from Medicare. Now, we have the return of Medicare-funded “end-of-life” conversations. Coincidence? Grow up, People, if you still don’t see what’s going on.

But it’s guys like Paul Ryan who are throwing old ladies off cliffs, right?


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  1. Great comment, Lynn. I have been saying for over 8 years (that’s as far back as I can be certain, but it may be closer to 10) that Obama is a Jew hater, and the fact that any Jewish person could vote for him continues to have me flummoxed. The facts you cite re the Middle East tell the whole story of his horrific foreign policy failures. Even in the face of them, and all his many lies about so many issues, yes, he tells us to “trust” him. As we have discussed on The Teri O’Brien Show, he deliberately wants to build up Iran. It’s part of his payback for “racist Amerika.” That edition of the program is here:

  2. So true! And so sad!

  3. So true, or as I like to say, what an embarrassment this braying jackass is!

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