The Death of Western Civilization Continues: London’s New Deputy Mayor

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, has a new deputy, Matthew Ryder, who once participated in an event run by an organization that described Jihadi John as a “beautiful man.”

From The Daily Mail:

London’s new deputy mayor for integration once spoke at an even run by a notorious organisation that described Jihadi John as ‘a beautiful man’, it has emerged.

Matthew Ryder QC will join Sadiq Khan’s team at City Hall, tasked with helping to ensure ‘Londoners from different faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds and social classes are better integrated’ in the city.

He is considered one of the country’s leading barristers in crime, human rights, media and privacy.

In 2013 Mr Ryder shared his legal experience at a conference organised by advocacy CAGE, which provoked a public outcry last year after it defended ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi, better known as Jihadi John.

CAGE blamed the security services for Emwazi’s actions, while then director Asim Qureshi called the knife-wielding terrorist a ‘beautiful, gentle young man’.

A video of the September 2013 event shows Mr Qureshi  introducing Mr Ryder. Mr Qureshi has since been replaced as director. …

Mr Ryder will join the Mayor’s team at the start of October.

Announcing the appointment last week Mr Khan said: ‘I am thrilled that Matthew has agreed to join my team at City Hall and to help me find ways of improving the social integration of our city.

‘We are extremely lucky to have so many fantastic communities in London, but there is no point in having that diversity if they do not mix with each other and helping that happen is a huge challenge.

‘We have to strengthen the bonds between Londoners of every background and I believe that Matthew is the very best person for this important role.’

Oh yes! Who better now that Jihadi John has been vaporized, right?

What do you think? Do you agree that this sort of creeping Islamism is the way the West commits suicide or am I over-reacting?



  1. There’s a lot of things going on now, both in the U.K. and in the United States, that back in the day would be correctly identified as treason.

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