Debt Ceiling Deal: Trick or Triumph?

As you know if you listened to yesterday’s edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, last week I took a lot of flack for supporting the deal that John Boehner sent over to Harry Reid on Friday. I did so for two reasons: (1) while it did give Barack Obama an increase in the debt ceiling, thereby holding off the imminent end of life on earth as we know it, it did so only for 6 months, and kept this issue and the discussion about it alive into the 2012 election and (2) it did not raise taxes.

After Mitch McConnell got his grubby hands all over it, and huddled with his BFF Harry Reid, the “Satan sandwich” that came out of the Senate may appear to be similar to last Friday’s House plan, but it is very different, so much so that I cannot support it.

Let me state the obvious. Barack Obama’s number one objective is getting himself re-elected. Ending the conversation about profligate spending was key to that goal because if it stays in the news long enough, even his clueless, emotionally-driven, low information supporters will figure out that he has exploded the national debt by adding nearly $4 trillion, which could make it more difficult for him to masquerade as a deficit hawk and would also induce inconvenient laughter when he continues to repeat that we need to “live within our means.” This deal gives him an escape hatch by raising the debt ceiling enough so that no additional increases will be required until after the election. Score one for the One.

Then there is the issue of those potential pesky tax increases. Once again, our listeners are ahead of the curve. They heard yesterday, before B. Hussein’s press mouthpiece, Jay Carney, admitted it today, that this deal opens the door to bringing Obama’s other main goal, an increase in taxes, a reality. Obama’s political Rasputin, David Plouffe, practically came right out and said it yesterday, on not one, but two, Sunday shows.

Time will tell. Perhaps I’m being too negative about this deal. The Wall Street Journal calls it “A Tea Party Triumph,” and they, and those like them, who suggest that the Tea Party has scored a victory because they changed the conversation from how much more can we spend to why are we bankrupting the next six generations, may be correct. Perhaps they are right, and perhaps this commission thing, which almost never accomplishes anything, will work this time. I hope and pray that they are right, but fear that the GOP may have been fooled again.


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