Debt Ceiling Dunce: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

This week the focus will be on the continuing spectacle being played out in Washington, a hilarious soap opera, starring Barack Hussein Obama, a man who increased the debt 35% since he took office, suddenly obsessed with reducing deficits, and living within our means. Perhaps this dramatic and amazing transformation is some sort of Harry Potter tribute, since it would take a master magician to turn dyed-in-the-wool Alinskyite Barack Obama, a man who unabashedly admitted in 2008 that he would oppose lowering tax rates, even if more revenues would flow to the Federal Treasury as a result into a deficit hawk. During that famous debate, explained to Charlie Gibson that he is more interested in “fairness,” as in he intended to use the power of government to redistribute wealth. Once elected, he set about doing it, with his signature “accomplishment,” Obamacare, being the biggest arrow in his socialist quiver. Now, he has become a petulant laughable poseur, farcically masquerading as a leader while refusing to present any specific plans, pointing fingers at the Republicans, who he dares to call “ideological,” issuing silly threadbare threats to senior citizens about their Social Security checks, and outdoing even himself as a serial liar by suggesting that 80% of Americans want tax increases, when in fact, polls show that over 50% do not. He can barely conceal his increasing desperation over his diminishing electoral chances next year, and the reality that every day, more and more Americans are catching on, seeing him for precisely what he has always been: an unexceptional Chicago politician who surfed a wave of white guilt and media adoration into a job for which he is distinctly unqualified.

Meanwhile, even as Obama’s brand continues its descent to a level only slightly above the motley collection of mediocre rejects who make sure that the system continues to work over at Big Sis’ TSA, and even in the face of polls to the contrary, his stenographers and PR flacks in the Lame Stream Media desperately and robotically repeat that their president is beating the pants off his Tea-Party trapped opposition in the public opinion wars. No doubt recalling the enormous success he had making his case last fall, the One himself has even threatened to take his case to the people. Barry, maybe if you keep repeating “compromise” and “balanced approach” you might convince a few people who live further than 50 miles from either coast, although it’s doubtful.

Even as the former man-god continues to look more and more ridiculous playing out this  cynical charade, we have new evidence of just how phony the mythology surrounding this narcissistic, dangerous empty suit was from the jump, from of all places, the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times. I would suggest that it would be appropriate to apply Mary McCarthy’s famous snarky critique of the late Lillian Hellman, “everything she writes is a lie, including “the” and “a,” to Obama, but that would imply that he actually wrote Dreams from My Father, a highly dubious proposition.

Tune in later for the rest of the story.


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