Delusional Democrats on Parade: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

We find ourselves in fascinating times. With five months until the 2012 election, the economy continues to stagnate, as last Friday’s abysmal job numbers demonstrated again. Team Obama has responded with an endless agenda of taxpayer-subsidized campaign fundraisers. Bashar Assad continues to slaughter his people, while the American administration that freely sent firearms into Mexico to arm drug kingpins carrying on their own bloodbath, claims that it can’t arm the Syrian opposition because they don’t know where the guns might end up. Militant homosexual activists continue their relentless assault on traditional marriage. There’s a lot going on. Still, last week left many scratching their heads, pondering one question; specifically, who is more delusional, Barack Obama or John Edwards? The former, continues to refuse responsibility for the unfortunate situation we’re in, preferring to whine incessantly about the parade of horribles that he “inherited” which prevent him from keeping his lofty 2008 campaign promises. The latter, after successfully avoiding time in the slammer, subjected us to a bizarre, cringe-inducing performance on the courthouse steps, apparently oblivious to the fact that, while God may not be done with him, we certainly are. In addition to sharing an affinity for narcissistic disconnect from reality, they also have another thing in common. Their cheerleaders in the Jurassic media obsess about their hair. Sadly, it’s not what’s on the outside of their heads where the focus needs to be, but rather with the jumbled up mess that’s on the insides. This morning, George Will nailed it when he compared the One to a famous communist.

The Romney campaign has found its voice, and its message, one that is guaranteed to resonate with a public fed up with lies, broken promises and fixes that never solve problems. This line of attack is brilliant, and now that Romney has signaled that, unlike McCain, he actually intends to run a campaign, there is panic, and also a fair amount of delusion, in Chicago. You won’t believe why they think they can win, and the issue that they think will carry them across the finish line.

In the performance of lifetime, Michelle “Mom-in-Chief” Obama conducted a non-stop media blitz, masquerading as a cross between Martha Stewart and Donna Reed in an effort to appeal to low-information, emotionally-driven female voters

On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker will win his recall election to the surprise of no one except MS-NBC’s Ed Schulz and the several hundred people who watch his train wreck of a show.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.
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