Democrats’ Mediscare Game Plan: Lie and Lie Some More

The democrats are not concealing the strategy they plan to use to win the upcoming presidential election. They are going to lie, and by that I mean not just in the usual way that politicians stretch the truth. No, they are going to blatantly and unapologetically recite talking points that are demonstrably untrue. Watch as Chris Matthews gleefully encourages them to employ bare-faced lying as a winning strategy:

Since Paul Ryan’s plan has NO EFFECT on anyone over 55, the democrats’ path to victory is based on an unabashed lie, and they know it. They don’t care. The ends justify the means.

While Democrats delight in silly ads featuring Mrs. Bates-like dummies being thrown over a cliff by a Paul Ryan look alike, the reality is that these democrats are engaging in the most despicably cynical political game. They are pretending that doing nothing is what’s good for seniors and people in their 40’s and 50’s when they know that doing nothing is the equivalent of putting Granny in a car speeding at 200 mph toward a brick wall.

The selection of Paul Ryan signals Mitt Romney’s desire to run a serious campaign about ideas and the issues. Will trusting the voters prove to be a winning strategy? Mitt Romney is betting that it is, and I think he’s correct.

At the risk of stating the obvious, let me say it again. These are not serious people.


  1. Well, they’re seriously retarded people.

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