Democrats Concerned About Terrorists with Guns, But NOT “Refugees” from Jihadist Hotbeds

As most of you know, the democrats conducted a silly, fund-raising stunt overnight, ostensibly because they were so outraged over the Orlando Islamic terrorism attack.

They demanded a vote of bills that would not have stopped the terrorist in that case from getting a gun. One thing that every intelligent person should be asking about this tantrum is “shouldn’t anyone who is concerned about stopping terrorism be investing their time and energy stopping Barack Obama’s scheme to flood the country with Muslims from jihadist hotbeds?”


From CounterJihadReport:

The new congressional numbers show that 580 individuals have been convicted on terrorism-related charges since 9/11, with 131 convictions happening since early 2014 when ISIS burst onto the scene.

Of the 580, at least 40 are refugees (a little less than 7 percent of the total) and 380 are foreign-born (65.5% of the total). The top countries of origin are Pakistan (by far), followed far behind by Somalia, Yemen, Colombia and Iraq.

The convicts are most commonly associated with Al-Qaeda or one of its branches. The second most common allegiance is to Hezbollah, followed by the Colombian FARC narco-terrorist group; Hamas; Lashker-a-Taiba; the Taliban (if you combine the Afghan and Pakistani branches); the Tamil Tigers; the United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia; ISIS and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The obvious conclusion from the fresh data is that counter-terrorism efforts should be laser-focused on immigration and screening policies, particularly in regards to Muslim countries that are terror hotbeds, since over 65% of cases involved foreigners who came to the United States.

That number doesn’t include convicts whose parents came into the U.S. and may have brought ideas that helped radicalize their children. A clear example is Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s father, who has praised the Taliban and is now known to have served as an official in a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamist organization in 1997.

Get that? The “refugees” convicted of terrorism so far DO NOT include the #Orlando shooter, or for that matter, the Tsarnaevs, who came here as asylum seekers.

In addition, I haven’t heard any of these tantrum throwers say anything about the facts that (1) none of the bills that they are demanding a vote on, and which as condemned to defeat before any vote, would have stopped Omar Tafeen or any recent terrorist attack and (2) the FBI had Omar Tafeen on a watch list and questioned him, and eventually took him off the list. Why no outrage directed at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security for dropping the ball on not only Orlando, but also San Bernardino? Why no mention of the fact that Sec. Jeh Johnson and the heads of various other federal departments have been spending more of their time scrubbing training materials of any references to reality that might “offend” Muslims or hiring wackjob who thinks 9/11 was a good thing?

Democrats, and other similarly-situated low-information people, your take?



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