Denver Broncos Fan Fears Dangerous Steelers Towel

Seriously Denver Broncos fans?

Apparently some Denver Broncos fans are very concerned about some scary pieces of terry cloth wielded by Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Denver Broncos

From WPXI:

A news anchor at KUSA in Denver, Colorado, shared an email with Channel 11 News Friday from a “very concerned Broncos fan” about Pittsburgh Steelers fans’ “dangerous Terrible Towels.”

The best comment from someone named “Simply Matt”:  “tell the person to bring their own towel for protection. Only protection from a bad guy with a towel is a good guy with a towel.”

I’m thinking that this email is a joke. What say you?


  1. The Steelers will need a big towel to cry in to when they loose. Manning’s last season.

  2. When towels are outlawed, only outlaws will have towels.

  3. Right up to Obama’s men’s club in Chicago. Google Obama and Emanuel Chicago Man’s club. Nothing to see here!

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