Deranged Chris Matthews: I See White People, and I Don’t Like It

Like all liberals,  the gang over at the 24/7 televised insane asylum, MS-NBC, is obsessed with race, and so naturally, they can’t stop discussing the racial and gender of committee chairs in the House of Representatives. This “issue” is tailor-made for the always confused, self-hating white guy Chris Matthews, who is the epitome of the guilty lily white liberal, who can’t do enough to demonstrate his distaste for that nasty racism that he sees EVERYWHERE, especially in Republicans. On yesterday’s edition of his “Hardball” show, during a segment featuring the vacuous Joan Walsh of, author of a book entitled “What’s the Matter with White People?” (I am NOT making that title up) who, like Chris is also–oh no!–white, and Republican Tom Davis, a former Virginia congressman, he outdid himself. The “worker bees” and “retiree bees” he refers to as the video begins are his fellow Americans aka “the masses,” in leftist speak. Charming.

Recall some other examples of Chris’ race derangement on display. He told us that commenting on the explosion on the number of people on food stamps during the Obama administration is a “dog whistle,” as in a secret signal to the imaginary racists that populate his fevered brain. Apparently that wasn’t crazy enough because he followed up by telling us that mentioning the stinking slough of corruption that spawned Barack Obama, “Chicago,” is another “dog whistle.”

Are there psych meds for this disease? Please, Chris, have your doctor up your dose.


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