VIDEO: Dershowitz on Marilyn Mosby Indictment of Baltimore Cops: Sad Day for Justice

Marilyn Mosby is a disgrace to the legal profession.

For any clueless millennials, low-information dolts who get their news from shows like Good Moron America, and others who walk around in a pop-culture induced semi-coma, May 1 is actually not just a day for leftist wack jobs to march around with banners with moronic and threadbare Marxist slogans scrawled on them (how in the world do they get the day off work??). For real Americans, it is Law Day, first proclaimed in 1957 by President Eisenhower, and is defined by the American Bar Association, as a day “to celebrate the rule of law.”

So, once again we are reminded that the one word that we should use to describe the age of Obama is not “historic,” but rather ironic. We have documented some of the ironies here. Yesterday’s indictment of six police officers in Baltimore over the death of drug addict and criminal Freddy Gray by the latest hero of the Black Grievance Industry, Baltimore State’s attorney Marilyn Mosby, presents yet another. How ironic that on Law Day, this inexperienced prosecutor and political activist put on an embarrassing clinic on trashing the rule of law, as noted above by Alan Dershowitz (H/T Newsmax TV).

Ms. Mosby, could barely contain her glee when she announced her politically-motivated overcharging of the officers, which included quoting the man who appears to be the new mayor of Baltimore, the “Reverend” Al Sharpton. Who was that woman walking behind him on TV on Thursday? Fox News reporter Leland Vitter seemed to want to ask her a question…


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