Despite Confrontation with Panetta’s Pooch, Sergeant Chesty Gets Promoted

From the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—The Marines won’t say it out loud, but everyone knows that Cpl. Chesty got promoted to sergeant this summer not for being a good Marine, but for his in-your-muzzle confrontation with the top dog in the Pentagon.

Just two weeks before his promotion, the Marine Corps mascot, an English bulldog formally known as Chesty XIII, had a run-in with Bravo, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s golden retriever. Chesty, usually known for happily mugging for photos with kids, revealed his inner grunt when he spotted the larger dog at the conclusion of a pomp-filled military parade held in honor of the Pentagon chief. Chesty growled, barked and ignored his choke-chain of command as he went nose-to-nose with Bravo.

It’s obvious that Chesty, like all patriotic Americans, recognizes the threat to our nation’s future that the Obama administration represents. His growl says “I can’t wait until you and your master’s Marxist boss stop occupying the executive branch of my precious country!”


Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo/Department of DefenseDefense Secretary Leon Panetta and his dog Bravo with Chesty in May.

As Chesty’s growl erupted into an angry bark, an officer urgently whispered in the ear of his handler, Sgt. Chris Harris: “Keep the leash tight.”

That kind of breach of decorum at the headquarters barracks, where the top generals and their wives reside, could have been career-ending for most Marines.

Chesty weathered the controversy and came out of it with a new stripe on his uniform.

No better friend. No worse enemy.


  1. Chesty, what a good dog

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